Women vs Men

Quite a number of researches and surveys have been made which contains many items evaluating viewpoints towards sex role equality in the home and family, labor force and public sphere, as well as confidence in the women’s movement.

The changing roles of men and women today have always been a topic in many conversations and debates. Issues on the extent and differences between their roles have been a significant feature in many controversial debates.  The distinction between the two sexes is indeed observable, as it is both natural and sociological that the two genders have opposite dispositions and attitudes.  Although the male-female difference is essentially a natural characteristic of any society, it produces a grand balance that defines the human milieu.

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I. WOMENSociety has always perceived women to be more caring, as they have always been projected as the more gentle gender. Women have a unity of personality by the fact that emotions, personality and intellect are more interconnected.

They tend to see things more as an entire person- with mind, body and emotions functioning as one. In any given situation or problem women respond more immediately and spontaneously and may find it hard to distance their selves from the situations or from the way they feel. They tend to identify or relate their selves or more often by using their intuitions. The feminine mind and personality are more likely to be involved with concrete feelings, things, and people rather than with abstract entities.Women regard their bodies as an integrated part of their personality. They are more sensitive about their personal appearance and bodily nature. Their evaluation of their selves depends largely on their physical attractiveness and their sexual and maternal behaviors.

Also, the acceptance of menstruation, pregnancy, maternity, and caring for the family is to them an important aspect of being a woman. (Clark, Stephen. Men’s and Women’s Differences: Individual Characteristics. Man and Women in Christ. Chapter 16.

The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. 23 March 2008. <http://www.

cbmw.com/…/Men-s-and-Women-s-Differences-Individual-Characteristics> )On dealing with stress, they respond to these conditions by seeking social contact and moral support from other people, especially with women friends, and by focusing their attention on their loved ones, particularly their children.

( Reuters. Study finds stressed women “tend and befriend while men “fight or flee”. 22 May 2000.

23 March 2008. <http://www.cliving.org/NEWS/stresswomenvsmen.htm> )  Women are also present thinkers. They prioritize their families’ immediate needs and wants by assessing all the aspects of day-to-day life.

(Bodnar, Janet. (7 December 2006). Money: Women vs. Men. Kiplinger.

Com. 23 March 2008. <http://www.kiplinger.

com/features/archives/2006/12/women.html> )II. MENIt is believed that men tend to have more capacity to detach their selves from immediate reactions. They tend to react to a given situation either purely mental or physical.

The masculine mind will differentiate, analyze, or classify in a detached way in order for them to understand the situation and thereby be able to react to it more effectively. Their emotions, their intellect, and their bodies are distinct from one another and are treated as aspects of his identity.Men are believed to be more aggressive than women. Men being more aggressive may be motivated by high levels of frustration or may be attributed to drive, ambition or competitiveness either politically, economically or socially. (Clark, Stephen. Men’s and Women’s Differences: Individual Characteristics. Men and Women in Christ. Chapter 16.

The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. 23 March 2008.<http://www.cbmw.com/.

../Men-s-and-Women-s-Differences-Individual- Characteristics> )CONCLUSIONIt can be concluded then that emotionally and intellectually, men and women differ in their approaches to social relationships. Where men’s social behavior are goal-oriented, women tend to be more concerned with immediate needs and with the way people relate to one another. Men are more analytical than women and women are more emotional than men.

(Clark, Stephen. Men’s and Women’s Differences: Individual Characteristics. Men and Women in Christ. Chapter16, The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. 23March 2008.


../Men-s-and-Women-s-Differences-Individual-Characteristics>)REFERENCESBodnar, Janet. (7 December 2006). Money: Women vs.

Men. Kiplinger. Com. 22 March 2008.             <

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