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Everywhere, regardless of color, nationality, religion, and educational background, most women found them selves at disadvantage level compared to men in most aspect of their social lives. In the work place women suffers from sexual harassment, at home they suffers sexual assault and in some cases sexual abuse. In general, women suffer discriminations that are often times a result of either religious or government implementations of laws or doctrines that is discriminatory. Thus, even in their own domain, most women suffer physical and emotional abuses.There may not have justifiable reasons for this women dilemma although some put the blame partly on women victims themselves in view of the manner most women dressed.

However, it cannot be denied that there are many women whose skills, intelligence, and leadership are far better than men are and yet they are either victims of discriminations in the work place or sexual harassment. What does the different gender based movement say about all these misfortunes that has befall on women. Mainstream sources said that women are helpless victims of systematic discriminations in all aspect of their social life, while independent source partly blame women for their own predicament.What Mainstream Say about abuses and discrimination on WomenThe two main opinions on women discrimination tells that there seemed to be differing reasons why women became victims of abuses and discriminations. Mainstream source tells us women are vulnerable and often systematically discriminated just because of their sex. The mainstream source noted that in countries like Ukraine, Moldova, Nigeria, the Dominican republic, Burma, and Thailand women are bought and sold, traffic to work in forced prostitution, while government action to protect their rights are insufficient. The same source reveals that in some countries such as Guatemala, South Africa, and Mexico, women’s capability to enter and stay in the work is thwarted by private employers using women’s reproductive status to keep them out from the work.

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This action according to Mainstream source is backed up by discriminatory laws as well as by discriminatory enforcement of the law.Not only women were discriminated in many countries, they were even legally held inferior with men. In some Islamic countries like Morocco, Jordan, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, women faces government-sponsored discrimination that legally held them unequal before the law. These countries’ discriminatory family code nullifies women’s legal authority and bestowed their legal rights in the hands of male family members, while restricting women’s involvement in public life (Mainstream source).

In general, Mainstream source tells us that all these discriminations and abuses on women are beyond their control. Women are helpless against all these abuses that some times even lead to physical violence resulting to fatal consequences, including increased risk of HIV/AIDS infection. They do not enjoy government protection against physical violence at home, and they do not even have personal rights.Mainstream source calls all these violence, abuses, and discrimination on women as “global social epidemics” and three areas wherein women suffers discrimination and abuses. These includes legal, cultural, and religious areas in which according to mainstream source, women are methodically discriminated against, barred from political involvement and public life, isolated in their every day lives, beaten in their homes, raped in armed conflict, killed for having sex, assaulted for not conforming to gender norms, forced to marry, sold into forced labor and denied equal divorce or inheritance rights (Women’s Rights). Therefore women discrimination should be abolished. Title VII of the US constitution declares the discrimination is illegal.Due to these offenses on women, some loose gender based movements rallied against gender-based discrimination.

Among this movement is the anti sexism movement which denounced gender based norms that promotes inequalities between men and women. This movement specifically noted the discrepancy in the division of work between men and women citing that fulltime work belongs to men while part time work is the domain of women. The difference is that full time work gets high salary (Five Cram).

What the Independent source say about women DiscriminationIndependent source claims that some women are partly to blame of their misfortunes. Citing a new poll in Ireland an internet source entitled Significant Numbers of Irish Blame Women for Rape, pointed out that a huge numbers of people of Ireland think that women are at least partially responsible for rape if she flirts with man. The same article contends that more people are willing to blame a woman for rape if she would go somewhere at night alone and dressed provocatively.  The survey says ten percent of the people think the victim is completely at a mess if she has had a numbers of partners, while one in three believes that a woman is either partly or fully to blame if she wears seductive clothing (The Curvature).

The article remarked thatHowever, despite of the recent public opinion in Ireland, in general, many women are victims of discrimination. In many occasion, women are portrayed as sexual object. Pictures of nude women are used by certain companies to attract potential male customer. Women also serve as the attraction in most bars and clubs, which categorized women as mere objects of men’s desire, or as something that men can use (Women’s Right).In many countries, women’s rights are ignored. Women do not have access to education, and are subject to violence, which deny them control over their own bodies. In her article entitled For India’s Untouchable women, Cleaning Human feces, Linda Lowen noted that in India, women are used as manual scavengers to clean up public toilets with no water to flush the excrement (Linda Lowen). These women have only broom and a tin plate to gather up human feces, which they put into a basket and carry with their heads for up to two miles distance in which contents often drip into their hair, faces, and bodies.

Despite that the work is illegal and hazardous to women’s health due to potential bacterial and viral infection, yet this practice still persist in India. Lowen pointed out that these women were forced to take on this kind of work because of poverty and the failure of the government to provide alternatives.Comparing and contrasting the SourcesIn most of the arguments it appears that there are similarities of opinions between the two sources as both were against discriminations.

However, the mainstream sources emphasized that in general, women are innocent and helpless victims of discriminations and abuses just because of their gender. They therefore call for equality and the granting of the women’s right on global scale. They call on government and all concerned to stop discrimination and violence against women. The mainstream source emphasized on the abuses, violence, and discriminations that women are experiencing on a general situation or may be on a global scale to which in many countries women does not have enough protection from the government.

They reveal the helpless conditions of women perpetrated either by the macho image of men who tend to display their dominance to conform to this norm. Because of these the anti sexism movement which aim to promote equality between men and women emphasized on the solution to these dilemma that women are facing. They offered practical solution to abolish the discrimination in the work place such as a practical shift in the distribution of the task between men and women in which in their view, it would open door to many changes (Anti Sexism + Work) This source also suggest for the reduction of the averaged work hours which in their view, will help reduce women unemployment.In contrast to this assertion of the mainstream source, the Independence sources although they might also denounce violence on women, yet they tend to put the blame on women victims. They emphasized that in most cases of rapes woman are partly to blame for their provocative manner of dressing. They also pointed out that when women would go somewhere at night alone, they should be responsible for their own safety and welfare.

Thus when they are raped, they are partly to be blame for their predicament. The emphasis therefore of the independence sources are on the individual actions and misfortunes resulting to misfortune. The independence sources tells us about the result of how individual women carry themselves, and the manner they dressed which are provocative to such offence as sexual abuse and rape. However, discriminations on women in the work place and elsewhere are clearly beyond the women’s control and they are innocent of their struggle. Domestic violence on women and sexual abuses are also beyond their capacity to control and that these women are innocent of such sufferings.

ConclusionsWomen are the same human beings as men and care for the same things as men do. It is clearly unfair to discriminate women based on their gender or their weaknesses. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 provides protection for the individual against employment discrimination based on sex, national origin, race, color, and religion. The provisions also protect women against sexual harassment and discrimination because of pregnancy, childbirth, and related conditions.In other words, although in some Islamic countries, discriminations on women is tolerated by government, yet the fact remain that women must have their own right as an individual human being and fellow citizen of this world. There is no justifiable reason fir women discrimination.

The feminism quest therefore for equality and fairness is with men is acceptable as they are merely seeking for their own place in the society which long dominated by men.


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