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Natalia Motta “Woodrow Wilson, political” Robert Dallek Article Review 2. 5 The article “Woodrow Wilson, Politician” by Robert Dallek is basically about the political life of Woodrow Wilson, from the very beginning until he became president. All the achievements he met during his life to when everything started falling apart in his second presidential term.The purpose of this article , was to show that due to the awful incidents and erroneous decisions he took at the end of his political life, his career has been undermine forgetting that Wilson made great achievements to this country, which were only equaled years later by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Baines Johnson. The president Wilson was born on 1856 in Staunton, Virginia. Wilson’s father was an important part of Wilson’s life. He spent much of his time and made out of his son.

Years later Wilson entered Princeton University to study, he wanted to be a salesman, however later he saw that politics was the key to success, in those time a one of his political associates said, “was a man of high ideals and no principles, which was another way of saying that Wilson’s ambition for self-serving political ends outrun his commitment to any particular philosophy or set of goals” (Dallek, 67), he fallowed the Maquiavelic way which was the ends to justify the means that we have to remember that our great presidents have all been men of high ideals and no principles.In his early life, he was a teacher who taught at Bryn Mawr Wesleyan at Princeton, and then Later on became president of Princeton. Wilson wanted to transformed Princeton, he created “11 departments corresponding to subjects and requiring upperclassmen to concentrate their studies in one of them” (Dallek, 68), however during his presidential term at Princeton, he fail to consult alumni, faculty, and trustees was a major political error that led to his defeat. Nevertheless, he took advantage of his poor performance as president.

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Wilson runs for first governor of New Jersey.Consequently he won the elections for first Governor of New Jersey, at soon as he was sitting in his governor’s chair Wilson said “he would be he’s own man” , Wilson skillfully assured 4 principal progressive measure. He’s main purpose as a governor was to provide the lot of the New Jersey citizens. In 1912 Wilson was nominated for president and won the nomination. However people did response to Wilson campaign, therefore, he focused in the progressive reform to regulate the economic and social life of the nation and as a result won the popular vote.One of the reasons why Wilson won the popular also was because he’s talented to speak to the masses. Wilson elections was a big triumph for the Democratic Party because after five decades they finally gat a president.

Wilson’s first term was a great term, achieved most of the goals he had set, Wilson had many ideas of what had to be done to reach the peace and balance they country needed, he himself showed up in person before the congress, nobody had done that since John Adams.Wilson passed several laws and the first one was “The Underwood Tariff of October 1914 was the first downward revision of the tariff since the Civil War” (Dallek, 69), his main objective was to make a most affordable cost of life. Also the “Federal Reserve Act of December 1913 combined elements of both plans, providing for a mix of private and public control”, this law is very important, because it was basic for the future of the nation .

In 1916 Wilson decides to run for a reelection, which he successfully obtained, but his second term was when everything started to fall apart.He’s reputation got ruined due to many different mistakes, mostly because of the Versailles Treaty. At the beginning of the war the president declared United States neutral, however it was always pro-British bias, and at the end got involved when the Germans submarine violated the U.

S. then was when his entire political career stated to collapse, because his 14 points of a safe democratic world and the ending of the world, was way beyond his reach in the war circumstances.His failure in 1919-1920, marked him forever, to see that he could no reach his goals as a president. In consequence his health deteriorates making him a different kind of person.

However, due to the Wilson’s failure, people ignore all the achievements he did; besides the failure, he was a great leader, with good ideas for the country. People instead of looking at the good merits of a person always look of what he did wrong, undermining completely what he did right.This article explains a deep view of the role of the President Woodrow Wilson from his childhood to President of the United States. On how he became such a successful president during his first term and how much the people loved him.

As a result, he should of have left the presidency after his first term because then is when all his problems come along, when everything start falling apart and due to his fallacies and in addition to his illness.Consequently of what happened to him during the second term, the author explains that most of people forgot to look at him as one of the best presidents of the United States thanks to what happened to him during the second term, therefore the article explains the different points and contradictions on how and what to think of the president, if he was a great president or failed at the second term of his presidency. Also some Americans have forgotten on whom he really was and what he wanted, also the good things he did for the country.The author Robert Dallek supports his article with a variety of evidence and other historian’s opinions about Woodrow Wilson as a president and life in overall. He supports his ideas by having a deep view of the Wilson life as president of the United States, President of Princeton University, Governor of New Jersey, and life in overall. Also he mentions the laws, opinions, goals that the president had.

The author also supports his other point of view when everything started falling apart he talks about his bad moves and illness at end.Furthermore, Robert Dallek, also includes other historian’s opinion about the same topic. Consequently he uses other opinions about him as president of Princeton “Arthur S. Unk asserts, “Mark him as an educational statesman of originality and breadth and strength” (Dallek, 68). And opinions to his life in overall, “ One Wilson biographer notes that “by the mid-career, Joseph Wilson was in some ways a broken man, struggling to overcome feeling of inferiority, trying to reconcile a God of love with the frustration of his ambition for success and prominence within the church. (Dallek, 67).

By this way the author makes the readers understand why historians have contradictions on what to say about the 26th president of the United States. In conclusion the author Dallek shows a new way of seeing a important president of the United States, wants the reader to see the other side of the story and explain how and why did it happened that specific way. Because, most historians or people just take account of his failures ignoring what he did for this country.What the authors wants to do is to show Wilson’s career development, showing the reader that people has omitted through years his great achievements that only has been equaled to two other presidents. At the end, the article brings up a new view and better understanding of how United States got involved in War World I, the Versailles treaty, The World League. But, also shows how Wilson’s first leadership presidential term helped this society.


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