Woodrow Wilson's Foreign Policy

Due to Woodrow Wilson’s foreign policy, the presidents who spoke and tried to fight for freedom were the ones who were more likely to intervene in the affairs of other countries, which meant possibly going against everything it meant to be free. I do agree with this overall assessment, as, for some reason, not only were our presidents concerned with our freedom but with the freedom of other countries. They did all they could, everything in their power, to make other countries as free as our own.

Unfortunately, in trying to intervene with the affairs of the other countries, we slowly took away what it meant for them to be free. Our presidents were making it nearly impossible for the other countries to be ran as their leaders saw fit; we tried to squeeze ourselves into their agendas without their permission. It is difficult for someone else to grasp the ideas and concepts of freedom when they are still being run by someone else who will not grant them the freedom that they believe in.

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While I do believe that our presidents had their hearts in the right place, I cannot really say the same for their brains. There were numerous other approaches they could have taken to try and assure freedom in other countries, as opposed to them forcing their opinions and options onto the other countries. I feel that, after a certain amount of time, our presidents became a bit too obsessed with gaining freedom for other countries that they eventually forgot to remember that not everyone shares the same vision of freedom that our country does.The United States and the numerous presidents to run the country during the respective times all had an idea of what they felt was freedom,  but they forgot to take into account how the other countries might have felt about themselves receiving that freedom. It is interesting to realize that we may have disrupted their own views of freedom by forcing our own on them.

Author: Donnie Marshall


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