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Goodbye Gutenberg is a clear depiction of the real changes that are happening to printed publishing today. It could be noted that as technology has increased the procedure with which virtual materials are presented to the readers, it could be noted that printed materials had also undergone much changes through the years. The increased manner by which the printed publications are now handling art presentations is simply amazing.In terms of published or written art, Pop Art actually displays a more contemporary approach in presenting art.

Most of these artistic works have underlying meanings that deal with the mind of the viewers. Understandably, such creations are supposed to affect the viewers directly thus implying certain thoughts upon them. Modern art is then displayed with vivid colors, more realistic for visual appreciation that could indeed increase interest among the ones reading or viewing the said art works.  Art as it is from this standpoint is taken as a modern presentation of human progress. The beauty of each color presented through printed publications actually makes it more interesting and attractive as well as informative in form.At the present, the contemporary society has offered many and different forms and characteristics of exemplification and abstraction of the humanistic aspect of the society in the form of what is generally known as art. The said manifestations of the artistic nature of the people is viewed by many to be of no value as they do not coincide or agree with the principal guidelines of artistic consideration.

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On the other hand, other groups in the society claim the other way around. This difference in the interpretation and view regarding the artistic value of the emotional and concrete manifestations of the abstracted values of the people produces conflict of opinions in the art aspect of the humanity.Reference:Goodbye Guttenberg. http://www.

goodbyegutenberg.com/. (July 12, 2008). 


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