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FACULTY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND MULTIMEDIA COMMUNICATION SEPT 2012/2012 CBMS4303 MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM NO. MATRIKULASI : 871210065683001 NO. KAD PENGENALAN: 871210-06-5683 NO. TELEFON: 012-9531210 E-MEL: [email protected] edu. my PUSAT PEMBELAJARAN: PAHANG Information System to Track Food at Stock Level Inventory management has long been considered a critical component of a well-managed restaurant. Controlling this prime cost has been the focus of classic inventory management practices.

More recently, food safety and security issues have added a need for traceability or the ability for restaurants to trace food products back to their source and trace them forward to the end consumer. Effective food stock inventory begins before products are purchased. Effective menu planning and recipe development? is the first step in inventory management. Menu planning and recipe development should utilize a minimum of products while providing enough variety to maximize customer satisfaction and good nutrition.Procuring, forecasting, ordering, and receiving ensure that the right foods in the correct quantities are received just in time for production. Storage practices keep food secure and minimize waste.

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Effective and efficient production and service practices ensure that customers consistently receive desired foods freshly prepared, served in correct portions, and in a safe environment. Good food stock inventory management may require new tools to help one succeed. These tools can be customized to meet the needs of the restaurand and will give you a quicker path to implementation of recommended best practices.Report templates, bid language, sample standard operating procedures, checklists, and resources are included in this guide. Items used for food preparations in THR are of high quality. Usually the dry items such as spice, sauce, ketchup, sugar, salt and others are bought in packet while the meats, fish and vegetables are bought in weight quantity (kg). The dry items will be stored at rack while the dry items will be kept refrigerated to ensure the freshness of the item.

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