Work Cited Exercise

1. An interview with Beatrice Longley, an expert on the old west.

She is an instructor at Western University. The interview was by phone and taken on March 2, 1998, at 10:30 A.M.(Hacker page 401. Personal interview.

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)Longley, Beatrice. Personal interview. 2 Mar. 1998.(Longley)2. A book titled The Movement Westward , written by Adam L.

Quincy. He wrote this while at Syracuse University in 1989. The book was printed by Askew Publishing Co. of Belview, Illinois, and was copyrighted in 1990.(Hacker page 382. Basic format for a book.

)Quincy, Adam L. The Movement Westward. Illinois: Askew Publishing Co., 1990.(Quincy 138)3.

Another book, an anthology, edited by John Sycamore of ASU. This book was titled Returning to the Old West and had a chapter in it written by Justin O’Connor titled: The Hardships of Women During the Trek West. This book was printed in 1991 by Harding Books of Dallas, Texas. The chapter appeared on pages 89-105.(Hacker page 382. Work in an anthology.

)O’Connor, Justin. “The Hardships of Women During the Trek West.” Returning to the OldWest. Ed.

John Sycamore. Texas: Harding Books, 1991. 89-105.(O’Connor 100)4. A magazine article found in Newsweek titled: Globe in the 1840’s. This was in the June 13th edition of 1992, and appeared on pages 24-26, and was continued on page 34. The article was unsigned.(Hacker page 386-87.

Article in a magazine.)“Globe in the 1840’s.” Newsweek 13 June 1992: 24+.(“Globe in the 1840’s” 25)5. A newspaper article appearing in Arizona Republic, November 12, 2003 titled: Westward without highways. This article appeared on page 14 of section C.

The article was written by Emily Friedman.(Hacker page 387. Article in a daily newspaper.)Friedman, Emily. “Westward Without Highways.” Arizona Republic 12 Nov. 2003: C14.

(Friedman C14)6. An editorial by Verlyn Klinkenborg titled At a Gathering in Walden Woods: The Bright Sunshine and the Echo of Thoreau’s Writings appeared in The New York Times, June 14, 1998 on page WK14. You. however, found a reprint of the article in Ebsco on August 28, 2004.(Hacker page 391-94. Work from a service such as Infotrac.

)Klinkenborg, Verlyn. “At a Gathering in Walden Woods: The Bright Sunshine and the Echoof Thoreau’s Writings.” New York Times 14 June 1998: WK14. Academic SearchPremier. EBSCOhost.

St. Johns River Community Coll. Lib., Palatka, FL.28 Aug. 2004 <http://search.>.(Klinkenborg WK14)7. An article found on the Internet. The article name is Navajo People in Transition but the author is not listed.

The article was found and printed from the web site on July 8, 2004.  The information was taken from a magazine called Navajo Times and printed on the Internet. The date of the magazine was April 5, 1996 and the pages listed were 6-9. The web site address was

edu/navajo/index.htm.(Hacker page 394. Article from an online periodical.)“Navajo People in Transition.” Navajo Times 5 Apr.

1996. 8 July 2004<>.

(“Navajo People in Transition” 7).8.  You attended a presentation at Missouri Southern on September 11, 2004 on the topic of “9/11” given by the president of the college (do you know his name? Look it up on the college website).

(Hacker page 401. Lecture or public address.)Speck, Bruce. “On 9/11.” Missouri Southern State College, Missouri. 11 Sept.

2004.(Speck)9.  You get information on “The Aviator”, a film, from watching Headline News at 6:00 on CNN on January 20, 2005, broadcast in Atlanta(Hacker page 399-400. Radio or television program.

)“The Aviator.” Headline News. CNN. Atlanta. 20 Jan. 2005.(“The Aviator”)10.

  Martha Conde wrote a book in 1957 and then published it again in 1992 in New York by Scribner Publishers, with a new introduction written by Maya Angelou.  The title was Diners in America.(Hacker page 386. Republished book.)Conde, Martha. Diners in America.

1957. Introduction Maya Angelou. New York: ScribnerPublishers.(Conde 138)11.  Pamphlet published by United States Dept of Defense with title of Careers in the Military, published in 2004 in Washington, DC by the Government Printing Office (GPO)(Hacker page 401. Government publication.)United States.

Dept. of Defense. Careers in the Military. Washington: US Dept.

of Defense,2004.(United States. Dept. of Defense)12.  Jane Smithers and Joseph Louis wrote a book in 1983 titled Onward to Dinner.  Published in St. Louis by Random House.(Hacker page 381.

Multiple authors. Page 382. Basic format for a book.

)Smithers, Jane and Joseph Louis. Onward to Dinner. St. Louis: Random House, 1983.

(Smithers and Louis 138)Works CitedHacker, Diana. A Writer’s Reference. 6th ed. Massachusetts: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2003.



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