Work of Korean Prose, Poetry, and Writing

The literary works were written at a time when males ruled the country and women did not have much say on serious issues like politics. They also have limited decision-making powers even inside the household. In the work, the lack of woman power was seen in almost all the women mentioned.

Although it was a tradition in the Japanese culture, it is still very hard to explain why women at that period of time allowed men of power to have other women in their lives. Men who hold positions in the government were entitled to have more than one wife and women were expected to submit to them any time.There is also evidence that women tend to be raped or were force to have sex with men and there was little that they could do about it. Women let men do things to them without questions because they did not want to upset the men. Men also preferred women who would appear to be ignorant and have little knowledge of the things that are happening around them because of the power that it gives to men.

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The belief that it is them who only possess knowledge and that women did not know anything gave them the feeling of superiority.2. How are we attached to the objects we own? Are they gender specific?For the most part, women are more attached to their possessions when compared to men.

They value the things they own, especially if its origins was special or if they have had the particular possession for a long time. It might have been given by someone special or the woman might have bought it due to a special occasion. Women have a hard time letting go of the things that they have used or kept for a long period of time because they have grown attached to these things. This is not to say that men do not get attached to their possessions. However, if a man sees that a certain possession of his is of no use because it became broken or that he has not used it for a long time, this man would not have a problem throwing it or giving it away. Women are more emotional and this might explain why they get too attached to their possessions more than men do.3.

Compare and contrast the actions of men and women in the tale to those of men and women in our society nowadays.There are numerous differences regarding the actions of men and women from the past from those that can be seen in society at this time. People from the past are considered very conservative when it comes to their actions, clothing, and preferences. Women are expected to be always lady-like with perfect manners.

They are also supposed to submit to their husbands or lovers without any objection. They dress appropriately using their country’s traditional clothing styles. Men rule the country and women have minimal power whether inside the house or for the country.Nowadays, it is very rare that women would just let men tell them what to do. Over the years, women have gained enough confidence, support, and knowledge to stand for what they believe in and fight for it without being afraid of men. There have even been successful women who made it to the top and became rulers of their own countries. Equal rights for men and women are observed.

If a man advances on a woman without her consent, she could sue the man and he could be legally punished for his actions.4. Does survival (now and then) necessitate destruction? Why?Survival does necessitate destruction and this can be said both during the past and at this time of age. Destruction also does not only mean killing humans but it also means destryong human nature and other living species. The literary works showed barbaric times when war was the only mean to gain power and control and ultimately survival.

Battles would go on between two different groups fighting for a certain piece of land or position. Losing means giving up your right and your possession to your enemies. To win the battle, it is therefore important the group destroys the other group by killing them. In the past, disruption of human nature and destruction of other living things including animals were also necessary for people to survive since they depended on farm and their livestock for food and shelter.At this time, although wars involving men and swords are no longer practiced, destruction is still going on in nature. Overpopulation has caused people to destroy human nature for them to build more houses or buildings.

Because there are less places to raise animals and let them live in their natural habitat, there are also difficulties being expeirenced by farmers or environmentalists when it comes to saving certain species and animals. However, it is also hard for humankind because without these animals, they would not survive.


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