Work-Place Motivation

The healthcare industry has changed over the past decade. Patient services have replaced nurses’ stations to allow the staff to be seen as professionals in their career. There is now a great demand for respect in medial facilities such as Polk Medical Center, located in GA. Polk Medical Center offer their employees several methods to make them feel special about who they are and the job they do. (Smith, 1999)One way that Polk Medical Center practices getting qualified applicants through the door is to have current employees participate at the job fair. They allow them to volunteer and share stories of grief and joy with prospective employees.

Candidates have shown favoritism to this practice. Their staff also loves getting that day off so it works out for everyone.The hospital does not have to outsource these duties to another company, thus saving them money as well. This is a cycle that generates income back to the facility and employees. The company allows employees to participate in stock options. They use the annual saving from events such as the job fair to pay out a yearly bonus on these investments.

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This is a financial strategy that does work. (Dotson, 2005)Polk Medical Center also participates in community charitable activities; this act of service promotes a personal motivation for each employee by allowing them to help others. They grow through reaching out and they are still getting paid so they don’t loose time at work. The charity can be small things such as fixing plates for the homeless on Thanksgiving or Christmas. They then have a sense of community involvement. Polk Medical Center feels that their staff benefits emotionally from this.

They feel that the company they work for is a company that cares for the community.Another motivational strategy that Polk Medical Center uses to help bring out the best in its employees is recycling. It is important to reuse and renew the economies natural resources. By participating in conservation activities, the staff will develop a sense of personal well being and their spirits are lifted.

They work more efficiently when they are happy. This joy is thought to be contagious and not only spreads to other workers but also down to the patients; making their visit more pleasing. (2004)The hospital also uses focus groups to motivate their staff.

Nurses, practitioners and physicians can all congregate toward a common interest. The hospital wants the staff to be excited about their position. The reasons behind their motivation strategies are to help employees develop skills and traits that enhance their willingness to work.It is imperative for health care professional to be able to manage their thoughts and emotions.

Polk Medical Center surveys its employees to get their input on these practices for future goals.Employees are able to give their anonymous opinion about what they think. They can express their likes and dislikes without fear of reprimand. The hospital does enforce an open door policy but the surveys allow for a less bias environment. Many employees have expressed their excitement about working for the company.

They feel organized from the inside out.It allows them to communicate clearly and congregate with teammates with confidence. The focus group is a way to encourage them to do their best with out directly telling them that. They are not in fear of making mistakes. They are comfortable doing their jobs because they have been properly trained and taught to be sure in their abilities.Polk Medical Center recently joined the GHA Quality Honor Roll due to their excellent Appropriate Care Measure rates.

This rate is based on ten publicly reported quality improvement measures. This rate is also based on the patient’s perspective. The rates allow hospitals to assess care and be more precise in the area to motivate their staff. (2008)Motivational strategies are designed to help the personal growth of the individual; usually as building blocks toward the facilities bigger goals. In my opinion, they have done a wonderful job thus far and should continue on their current path through success.



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