Work Related Project Analysis Part 1

Work-Related Project Analysis, Part I BSA 376 Instructor Michele Busby Jonathan P Dulaney 12-Nov-12 In the military the SDLC process is used in full force. The SDLC is not use in the traditional sense but used for establishing new technical orders (T.

O. ) or changes to T. O. ’s for use by military members. A project is a planned undertaking that has a beginning and an end and that produces a desired result or product (Satzinger, Jackson, & Burd, p.

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38, 2012). Technical orders are used by military personnel to do different technical jobs and ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.In this case the system being developed is instrumental to the progress of the military. Air Force technical orders are publications that explain policies and procedures (“Reference. com”, 2012).

This is essentially a manual for how to do your job properly. The SDLC is so engrained in the military they have a military standard called DOD STD 2167 Defense System Development Software that gives general guidance for developing new computer systems. In this standard it explains most systems are contracted.According to “Dod Standards” (1985), the term contracted does not mean only civilians contractors but any organization that is charged with the development of the system (para 1. 2. 3). A technical order to explain how to develop technical orders this is a redundant system but that is what makes it proficient. This standard has many of the same phases as the standard SDLC project.

The standard explains how to gather information and where this information is needed to complete the project. This standard is general guidelines and does not cover specific circumstances.This standard should be selectively applied and tailored to fit the unique characteristics of each program. Project planning is needed to start any project.

The determination needs to be made what changes need to be put into the works. This is the first phase of the SDLC process, finding out what problem needs to be solved, and analyzing how it should be solved. Most changes that are made come from the ideas of the end user and the daily worker.

The guys that do the job day in and day out are the ones that know what needs to change. It is up to the technical experts to improve current processes.The Air Force technical experts are located at Tinker AFB, Ok and this is also the home of all T. O. libraries available (“Tinker Air Force Base”, 2012).

At this point the technical experts can determine if the changes are feasible and cost effective. They evaluate the current process and take the suggestions of Air Force personnel on how to improve the process. Analysis is an important part of the SDLC process this is where problem is broken down into its individual parts to see where the disconnect lies. Most changes are of the routine variety and do not require ramped up time frames to accomplish changes.There are times where safety will come into play and this makes the changes an emergency.

This is why the standard is so important and it lies out how to proceed with little thought. The experts know what can happen if the changes are not made in a timely fashion. In certain career field’s death could occur if technical orders are not followed to the letter. Career fields such as Munitions, EOD, and Aircraft Maintenance are dangerous and if tech data is not followed bad thing happen. During the evaluation processes content experts come up with changes to the T. O. ’s or create a whole new technical order.

This will be dependent on the scope of what needs to be done. In this circumstance a new T. O. needs to be accomplished and the reason is the new requirement for aluminum rail sets to be installed on forty foot trailers. The Air force is not immune from having to change with the times. This is an example of the change in the threat and the need to deploy differently. The aluminum rail set allows for additional bombs to be loaded and delivered to the flight line. More bombs to the flight line means more bombs dropped on those that would do harm to America.

This is where the technical expertise comes into play.They are able to direct the corrections from their experiences. The T. O.

is written and needs to be evaluated by personnel that will be using the final product to make sure it will work properly. This leads to the next phase of the SDLC process. Personal experience in this area has been more so in the testing phase.

The specific instance in question was the testing of a technical order to verify if an aluminum rail set could be attached to a forty foot wooden deck trailer. The team was tasked to use the draft T. O. to install the rail set. We were required to make any changes to the T.O. we had to make it work.

The need to attach this rail set to a forty foot trailer came from the need to deliver large quantities of bombs to the flight line at the same time. The determination was made that all forty foot trailers come from different manufactures so the bolt pattern had to be changes for each type. The T. O. ended up having several different versions one for each type of trailer. The testing phase in this case was very important in finding the differences in the trailer supports. The difficulty in installing the bolts because of locations on the trailers and the T.

O. raft instructions were able to be changed in this phase to accommodate for the different bolt patterns. Most of the technicians work in an office and are establishing the T. O. based on blue prints and not the physical assets. The defense of our country is a good reason to get this right. The implementation phase comes after all testing and rewrites have been accomplished.

This is the job of all military personnel to accomplish this task. Even with the extensive testing there may be additional changes not captured during the initial testing. This is where the Air Force has cornered the market.

They have a built in system to make updates to technical orders. With most technical orders now available online the updates can be made in real time to all libraries attached to the network. This particular technical order was implemented first at the location of the test because not only did our team test the T.

O. we were able to keep the rails installed on the forty footers. This gives motivation to any testers to complete the task to the best of their ability and make sure everything is right. The military uses a type of SDLC that is unconventional and even has a book on how to accomplish it properly.

The T. O. is the backbone of how the military does its business so the importance of the correct information is paramount.

Each part of the process is important and need to be done with the utmost care to ensure the safety and security of our military personnel. The military uses the advice of their members to make changes to its current technical data and a system of checks and balances as lied out in the DOD standard to make sure all steps are covered. Analysis of problem, workup of solution, test of solution and implementation are all the steps in a proper SDLC.

The military has a different way of doing things but all parts are covered and checked, then rechecked and rechecked.Reference DOD Standards. (1985). Retrieved from http://www. product-lifecycle-management. com/download/DOD-STD-2167A. pdf Reference. com.

(2012). Retrieved from http://www. reference. com/motif/Science/air-force-technical-orders Satzinger, J.

W. , Jackson, R. B. , & Burd, S. B.

(2012). Systems Analysis and Design (5th ed. ).

Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database. Tinker Air Force Base. (2012). Retrieved from http://www. tinker. af.

mil/technicalorders/index. as



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