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Last updated: March 23, 2019

The concept of workaholism in every society is brought about by man’s struggle to survive and produce. In addition, psychological backings on such supports that workaholism aids as a diversion; straying people away from depression. People need to work to cater their whims and live a healthy happy life. In addition to these, technological advances made it possible for people to do several task at a time; hence, they tend to overwork themselvesLiving in a workaholic society is not unusual nowadays. In order to support every needs and wants, there are people who opt to have two or three jobs. It is also one way of diverting their attention from personal problems.

For those who experienced recent loss of a love one, being workaholic is their way of moving on. Goal driven people on the other hand tends to be workaholic because societies are now after healthy professional competition. The value of time is always equivalent to money in a workaholic society.

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Since the world is facing a great problem regarding recession and other economic crisis, it is a great call for each individual to work harder each day. Being nobody nowadays is considered to be a social suicide. It is better for a workaholic to die working but earning than to die without anything.Priorities are always set by family oriented individuals and made them even more workaholic. Fathers are always workaholic because they need to earn money at the expense of his family. Career growth is also another reason why people turned out to be workaholics.

Most people wanted to experience perfection and works like a robot just to avoid feelings of insecurity and inferiority. Regardless of reasons, one thing remains visible: the society nowadays is really conquered by workaholism.


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