Working at the hotel’s gym and swimming pool

a)      The Intercontinental hotel offers a wide array of services. The hotel has restaurants that offer all day buffets and nights with different themes while providing a view of the marina and pool.

The hotel also offers a gym with certified fitness instructors, a sauna, a Turkish bath, a Jacuzzi and a swimming pool. Massage services and tennis courts are also available. The clientele of the gym and pool is not very easy to define.

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The different users are not easily organized into groups. This is because most guests seem to have their own preferred equipment and exercise routine.  Some of the newcomers have only a hazy idea of how to use the equipment safely and effectively. Due to this, the properly trained staffs are necessary for the management of the gym (Hotel management, 2010). The gym has certified instructors and certified lifesavers for the pool to ensure safety for the guests and that the equipment is in good working order and safe.

Additionally, this serves as a useful strategy for insurance purposes due to the increasingly litigious climate. The instructors in the hotel double up as instructors in the local fitness clubs which is a way of providing and extra revenue stream during low peak times such as in the middle of the day when most of the guests are out sight seeing or out on business.b)      The operations of the site are controlled by the gym manager. The control however is more of a teamwork affair as opposed to control by one person. This is because the three main full time workers in the gym and pool area exchange shifts and therefore have to coordinate the activities without one person necessarily assuming control. The gym manager is the main supervisor of the gym activities. He reports to the hotel manager. The day to day duties and activities in the gym are allocated to the three managers.

These activities include checking the machines for safety and good working order, organizing the activities of the day for the various client groups and for individual clients and ensuring that the gym remains presentable. They are also responsible for keeping in touch with maintenance personnel for all the equipment as well as record keeping for the various equipments and members of the gym. The safety precautions observed in the gym include a daily check of the status of the equipment, maintenance of orderliness and hygiene within the gym and pool and two monthly drills for the part-time attendants within the gym to assess their first aid skills. The gym and pool also have complete first aid kits and defibrillators for use in case they are needed.c)      There are three full time attendants with the necessary qualification in sports sciences. The staff is made up of experts in physiology who are qualified in fitness instruction. The gym team creates a chic, light, buzzing and happening environment that makes being in the gym an enjoyable experience. The gym manager has certification under the International Sports Sciences Association.

He began his mixed martial arts training at Arlington and has over fourteen years experience in fitness instruction. The assistant gym manager has an associate degree in physical education from the faculty of National Elite Coaches. He has significant experience in boxing and coaching. The duty manager has a a Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Recreation Development.

He has worked previously at the reception, poolside and in the membership department. All three full time employees have significant experience which is important to the daily management of the gym and pool. They are also trained in emergency first aid and fire safety with the duty manager having the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification.

d)      Even though the clientele varies from time to time, some core equipment is necessary for all groups. These includes standard cardiovascular equipment like ellipticals, treadmills, rowers, bikes, strength and toning stations for the major muscle groups. Some machines have been selected that meet the needs of ladies. Women exercise mainly for toning and weight management thus machines popular with them are for gluteasl, inere and outer thighs, stretching and posture exercises and core stability (Oakley, 2009).

Men exercise primarily for muscle tone and thus demand more freeweights and strength machines (Oakley, 2009). The gym also has a section for children but there area has fun activities. The gym area for children provides interactive activity for the children. These include team agility and individual agility and fitness games with the trainer.

The children can throw balls, kick footballs, have energetic relay races and hit targets with bartons.e)       The orientation process involved an introduction to all the members of the gym team as well as the pool attendants. There was also an explanation of the process followed for record keeping, enrolling clients in the gym, the communication of wellness programmes to the guests.

In the hotel this was done using the brochures for the hotels and the hotel website. Orientation also involved exposure to all the machines, how to work them safely and the general layout of the gym. The major shortfall in the orientation process was a lack of demonstration of the gym’s fire drill and emergency action drill so that I would know what to expect should an accident occur. However I hope to be exposed to this at a later date in the internship process.Question 2: Goals and objectivesTo identify ways of making the gym more attractive to the guestsObjectives: 1) identify the current target client in the gym2)  Identify other possible groups that can be attracted in to the fitness centreTo create innovative ways in which fitness and wellness programs can be displayed to guestsObjectives; 1) Determine the current methods being used for marketing the fitness and wellness program in the gym2) Find other methods that can be used to market the gym and pool of the hotelTo increase customer satisfaction in the gym and pool of the hotelObjectives: 1) find out the current levels of satisfaction with the gym in the hotel2) Identify possible unmet needs and desires of the guests in the hotel who use the gym and poolQuestion 3: ProjectThe project during internship will be related to the third goal of trying to increase the attractiveness of the gym and pool to the hotel guests. One of the measures that the project put in place will be attempts to increase the number of teenage girls who go to the gym. This group of guests is commonly not seen in the gym, yet they could enjoy and benefit from going to the gym. The project will try to draw these young people into the gym by use of commercial dance mats.

These have been noted to be very popular with the young teenage girls. The overall goal of this project is to increase membership in the hotel’s gym. Thus the project will also include wellness packages to cater for the traveling guests by providing them with varied options such as a sports massage, workout experience, personal training, use of the gym, spa and eating of healthy food. The guests will be informed of the gym and wellness corner for some suites especially for those guests who prefer a more personal in the room experience.

Another component of the project that will be ongoing is the listening component where the clients will generally be asked questions during their stay and as they walk in and out of the gym. The questions will be regarding possible packages that the guests think will attract to try the services and experiences offered at the gym.ReferencesOakley L, 2009, Make your gym work out for you, available at, 2010, Working Out What Guests Want, available at



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