Working Children

Child labor is a very serious issue that most third world countries are facing nowadays. These children are being exposed to hard work so early on in their lives because they do not have any choice. They come from poor families that do not have any means of providing enough food for the whole family and they, in turn, resort to working just to have something to eat everyday.The website provided different images depicting the same pressing problem, which is child labor. The world has been constantly changing and improvements are made everyday but it seems that the problem of child labor is being left behind. Personally, I have not been exposed to dangerous working conditions nor did I work as a child. My family also does not have a history that involves child labor. However, this does not make it hard to feel sympathy for the children and anger towards those governments who allow this to happen to their young citizens. As a person who has lived in a developing country, I have also become familiar with these situations. I can say that these images affect my desire to work in the area of environmental and occupational health. I may not be able to help every child exposed to hard, illegal work but I would be able to make a difference one child at a time through determination and commitment.Feeling sympathy is not enough to solve the problem. One has to take specific actions to contribute to the improvement of the situation. There are so many ways to help if only people find the time. It should be remembered that we cannot move forward if there are others who are helplessly left behind. After all, it is not their fault that they are in that situation.



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