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Last updated: February 6, 2019

Working with groups is one of the challenging tasks of a student’s school life. For some students, it is more of a frightening experience because of the belief that everything in school, such as projects, homework and paperwork are usually being individually graded. Being actively involved in the learning process enables the best learning for students. Collaborative learning process and other various terms were given as a name for working with groups.

The main subject of working with groups is discovering that collaboration is about two things: what we know and what we know how to do.As a team player, I easily relate to my group members. I am always prepared to make amendments and adjustments to be able to fit in to what the group is asking of me.Not necessarily changing myself or my behavior but as much as possible, I see to it that I am a balanced character within the group. I am the type who draws in my group members strengths and try to eliminate their weaknesses. I verbally expressed contributions and ideas I have in mind without offending others own perspectives. My two greatest strengths in this group work are my openness to accept what others think of the topic and listening actively and attentively to what each member have to say.

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For some people, contrasting or opposed opinions are very hard to understand but in my part, listening to these diversified and sometimes opinionated impressions are somewhat amazingly interesting.Lack of self confidence, when facing a crowd is my weakest link. In reporting, we had to do solo recitations/reports in front of the class. This fear of public speaking have been a big problem for me ever since. I lack the courage to get up in front of the class and discuss the topic specifically assigned to me.

It is very frustrating to fell that my performance is counted as a part of the group performance because I worry that it might greatly affect our overall presentation.One of the most effective group work methods we utilized was splitting our members into subgroups. It was a group effort and decision to use this strategy.

Individuals were allocated in carrying out different functions so that the subject being studied will be well put together. Conclusions are drawn from each member’s knowledge and perspectives resulting to a customary well thought of paperwork and a more comprehensive interpretation and understanding of the materials for group work. In this way, there are no biased opinions and everyone had reciprocally contributed for the subject matter. Working with groups, particularly this group also marked out the different strengths my group mates and I have. Since group work requires a lot of patience and good working relationship, I can say that these interpersonal skills were enhanced by working with others.


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