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Conflict is defined as a disagreement in which a two or more than two parties are involved.

The parties that are involved in the course of action identify a threat that might pose on their needs, desires, interests etc.Workplace conflicts are considered to be more even more complicated and require serious management of this severe problem. Workplace conflicts are a result of disagreement between members of an organization over different goals. This eventually leads to misunderstanding, gossip, hostility etc in an organization.This paper discusses a conflict and its resolution has also been suggested.

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CountryThe country that I have chosen is United States of America. The capital of this state is Washington, D.C. the languages spoken in this country are English, Spanish, Asian and other European languages which includes Pacific Island and others. People belonging to different religions and other ethnic groups reside in this state.

Religions like Protestants, Roman Catholic, Mormon, Jewish, Islam exist whereas the ethnic groups include White, Blacks, Asian, Amerindian and Hawaiian.IndustryThe industry that I have decided to focus is the advertising organization. Advertising organization has been facing a lot of challenges and there have been a lot of revolutionary changes as far as the norms and cultures are concerned.General Setting SummaryThe state we are focusing on is the United States of America as mentioned before. The main job of a manager in this organization is to take decisions for the company, keeping in mind the various pros and cons, mind sets and culture of the different employees.SituationThe workplace comprises of people belonging to a variety of races, religions, views etc.

The employees’ view is given equal importance as of the manager and the high officials. This assists an organization to cope with the various demands of the employees as well as the new trends of the corporate world. The employees share a mutual understanding with each other but at some points there can be conflicts among them.

This can be due to the different work situations, values, norms, culture etc. The work environment is balanced since everybody in the organization is given equal importance and their views are taken into consideration provided that they are applicable.Culture of Local Residents in United States of AmericaWork Ethics:There are two perspectives as far as the work ethics is concerned. The first one says that in case of a conflict, the employee should be addressed directly and this should be done in privacy and not in front of other colleagues. In this case, people can retaliate in a rude manner. The other perspective suggests reporting a superior and asking for assistance in order to deal with a particular problem. This may take a very long time for the problem to resolve.Communication Styles:As far as the personal space is concerned, a distance of 2 to 3 feet is maintained.

Normally gestures and touching a person, while speaking is not appreciated but once you are familiar, the degree of casualness increases.When meeting an individual for the first time, smile, a firm handshake and direct eye contact is appreciated. Having eye contact with the other person demonstrates honesty, confidence and openness.Decision Making:Decisions are normally taken and they have to be approved by the superior and higher ordinates. The final feedback and answer from them is considered as the final decision. The decisions and ideas are normally a consequence of group meetings.

They are usually allocated by the supervisor.Stereotypes:The general view about Americans is that they are considered to be narrow-minded, loud, discourteous and hostile. It is thought that the people belonging to the United States of America are obsessed with rifles, aggression and work. However all this is not entirely true.

Different people have different perspectives.Relationship Building:It is believed in the United States of America that is important to build a sound relationship with the colleague before the establishment of any organization. Business is more concerned about who you know and not what you know. To establish a healthy relationship with your employee, the superior needs to have complete information about the interests of the employee and it is also advised to indulge into some of those activities.Identity of the ColleaguesThe organization comprises of American employees. The number of Muslims working in the organization is very low. Due to this, the conflicts that arise are mainly due to the difference between the two major classes of employees.Identity of Local ResidentsPeople belonging to different races and culture reside in the United States of America.

This includes Blacks, Europeans as well as Muslims. Although Muslims are in minority, yet they form a considerable mass of the total population of this state.General Conflict SummaryThe conflict that has arisen in the organization is between the managers and the local workers.

The issue is over something very absurd yet important. It is about the working hours of the employees. Being a manager, he expects the employees to provide service to the organization from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. However, the employees fail to fulfill this requirement. Due to this, the efficiency and progress of the organization is retarding at an alarming rate. This trend has been continuing since a very long time due to which the manager gets the impression that the employees are deliberating exploiting the rules and regulations of the organization.Attributes of an Intercultural Effective PersonAn Intercultural effective person can be simply defined as an individual who lives in a contented manner and has the ability to adjust in a different culture. The 3 major attributes of an interculturally effective person are as follows:This individual possesses the ability to interact with people, belonging to different cultures in such a manner that he is able to gain their respect and trust.

He has the quality to mould technical as well as the managerial skills according to the constrictions.He has the ability to adjust in the host culture in such a manner that he becomes a part of it. For this he needs to be contended with the working conditions and environment.Resolution of the ConflictBefore the situation gets worse, the manager approached a problem resolution strategy rather than the win-win approach. The manager carefully analyzed the situation and concluded that it was very important to solve the problem and at the same time satisfy the employees too. It was decided to adjust the working hours and divide the employees into two groups. One group of employees would work from 8:00am-4:00pm while the second group would work from 4:00pm-9:00pm.

Initially very few people volunteered to work in the first shift. Eventually perks were granted to the ones who would work in the first shift. This created a balance in the organization, satisfying both the manager and the employees, improving the overall performance of the organization. (Maravelas, 2005)


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