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The Hezbollah is a political party in Lebanon and a militant organisation of Shiites Muslims with anti-Western sentiments.

During the Lebanese civil war, in 1978, the south of Lebanon was captured by the Israeli army. After this invasion, a resistance movement developed, that wanted to free the regions that were under control of Israel and to force Israel out of Lebanon (CFR). Hezbollah developed out of this organisation and called itself ‘Hizb Allah’, Party of Allah.

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The organisation went public in 1985 with the declaration of the Hezbollah Manifesto. The original organisation had two goals but in the manifesto also other goals were mentioned such as chasing away the French and Americans out of Lebanon, destroying the state of Israel and establishing an Islamic regime in Lebanon (GlobalSecurity.Org).HamasHamas is a Palestinian Islamic resistance movement and a militant organisation that strives for the freedom of Palestine and the destruction of Israel. It started as being a counterweight to the secular PLO. The goals of the organisation can be found in the Manifesto, made in 1988. Hamas strives for an Islamic state in Palestine, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.

Hamas uses, like the Islamic Jihad and the Lebanese Hezbollah, Islamic theology as means of encouragement to get more people involved and against the Israeli occupation (CFR, Channel4).Hamas developed out of an organisation called Al Mujamma al Islami, a Palestinian branch of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. At first, the organisation was dedicated with religious and social work; building hospitals and schools and offering financial help. After 1985, the organisation started to focus more and more on the occupation of Israel and it grew to be a resistance movement (GlobalSecurity.Org).

FatahFatah is a Palestinian political organisation, established in 1959 by Yasser Arafat. It used to be a guerilla movement, that also commited terrorist attacks. Fatah is also a member of PLO, the Palestine Liberation Organisation. Nowadays, it is a political party, with a terrorist branch called the Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade. Fatah’s main goal is the liberation of the entire Palestine; the end of Zionism and the recovery of the state Palestine to the area of the British Mandate Palestine (1921-1947) (GlobalSecurity.

Org). A couple of years ago however, Fatah took on a different role, she strives only for the establishment of a independent Palestine state, with the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Fatah pleads for peaceful negotiatioins with Israel and are even willing to acknowledge Israel in exchange for Gaza and the West Bank and a compesation arragement for the Palestinian refugees.PLOThe Palestine Liberation Organization, PLO, was established in 1964, by a meeting of Palestinian national figures, as an umbrella organisation representing the Palestinian people.

Yasser Arafat was, until his death, the leader of the PLO. According to the original manifesto, the goal of the organisation is the liberation of the Palestinian state with the borders as beeing assigned by the British Mandate in 1947(GlobalSecurity.Org). Many groups are member of the PLO such as the Fatah, the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine), the PPP (Palestinian People Party), the PLF (Palestine Liberation Front) and the ALF (Arab Liberation Front).ReferencesChannel4. Faith and Belief.

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