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The Cincinnati Art museum (CAM) stands high in profiles of museums. It was voted the best as the London’s Victoria and Albert museum before the Olympics, since it was the first museum to display it. It is one of the contemporary arts centers which have been around since a few years back. It has an unusual gallery design made by Yung Ho Chang who is the architect and has been so outstanding in the trade shows and exhibitions done in China.

IN architecture China has been voted the best having its evidence in the museum at Cincinnati. The pinnacle Chinese technology manifested itself in the Great Wall of China, between the years 220 to 200 BC. Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang was the architect who came up with this work. The great wall stretches over approximately 6,400 km from the east to the west of Shanghai town in China. (Andrew, 1994)This magnificent work of the Chinese is considered an ancient historic work and art.

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This was during a time when the Chinese were familiar with the techniques of wall building and during this period is when the building was made. The building was built to withstand the attack of small arms including spears and swords made mostly by stamping earth and gravel between frames of boards. There are two major events as regards the building of the great wall. Before the use of bricks, the great wall was built of Earth, stones and wood but during the Ming dynasty, bricks were heavily used in many areas of the wall and included materials such as lime, tiles and stone. During this time the building was much faster because of the consistent size of the bricks.One of the striking parts of the great wall is where it climbs the extreme slopes of china. It goes 12km across upto the top and the watchtower has been made to around 1000 m above the sea level. In the Eastern part, the great wall winds along lofty, terrain mountains at approximately 3km.

30 km west of Tian Ling stands the great wall which looks only 4 stories high. The wall was not only extremely short compared to others, but also appears to be silver. Archaeologists explain that this is because the stone used was from Shan Xi where such mines are found.

The stone contains extremely high metal in it causing it to appear silver. The great walls are regarded as tourist centers in China and they have been preserved and reconstructed. However the walls of the great wall are prone to graffiti and vandalism. No comprehensive survey has been done so that the wall can be improved but it remains one of Chinas historic site. (Andrew, 1994)The great Stupa which is located in Og Min Ogyen Mindrolling Monastery in India and the Dome of the rock located at the visual center of Temple mount in Jerusalem are the most renowned cutlers of the world. The two cutlers were erected with an intention to compete with the best buildings of worship within the various religions. They both serve as very important elements in religion in the locations they are in. Both of these buildings are not buildings in a traditional sense but they are regarded as purely symbolic objects.

Both of these buildings have a cosmic symbol too, the Great Stupa for example has an hemispherical shape which represents the world egg. The square pedestal where the stupa has its base and carefully supports the four cardinal points is also of significance because it symbolises the earth supporting heaven and heaven covers the earth. The great Stupa is said to be one of the largest stupa in the world. The dome of the rock located in the temple mount is considered one of the holiest sites in Islam.

Its importance stems from the religious beliefs where the rock is considered the heart of the Islam beliefs.According to Islam this is the place where Mohammed ascended from heaven accompanied by angel Gabriel. The great stupa is 185 feet high and has a width of 100square feet. In contrast, the Dome is 20cm by 20cm diameter and a height of 21m on the shrine and 20cm by 90cm diameter and 22m high in the dome of the church. The great stupa is one of the Buddhist art and architecture and is beautifully painted with a 2-acre landscaped garden while the Dome of Jerusalem has its exterior covered with decorations and inscriptions which were done by Muslim leaders and the Jews.

Inside the Stupa are several floors and in it are shrine rooms having beautiful elaborate murals painted in their traditional Tibetan Buddhist art. There are also sacred relics inside the stupa. The great stupa is nearly a perfect hemispherical dome and on the base is a raised terrace enclosed by a fence. The dome is octagonal in shape and comprises of a wooden dome of approximately 60 feet in diameter and surrounding this dome is the octagonal arcade having 24 piers and columns.

The dome was erected between 685 and 691 BC and was intended to serve as a shrine for pilgrims. Its work however did not include public worship by the Muslims. The Great stupa on the other hand was constructed basically to benefit all. Reconstruction of the stupa took place at a time around 450 AD and this improved the appearance of the Great stupa including the elaborate carvings in the walls and haloes carved. (Waldron, 1990)ConclusionChina is considered one of the oldest regions with significant and outstanding features of the old. The great wall is one of the works of architecture which is exhibited in CAM and today it is still one of the remembered works.

China works with reference to the great wall is an example of the traditional culture of art. Today with the advent of several modern works it’s important also to appreciate the old works.Examples of such old works also include the Dome of Jerusalem and the great stupa. These two historical signs are not only useful in their defined uses but historically they are considered symbolic in history. The comparison and contrast of the two gives us a picture of what historic value the two have.

There are so many other symbolic figures which are considered of significance in the world today. History especially keeping of the old figures and models is important inorder to preserve history. (World cross cultures, 2009)


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