World Geography

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Last updated: March 25, 2019

World geography remains a very critical area of study in terms of its ability to provide insight and knowledge into the various cultures of the world.

When one is unfamiliar with geographical aspects of how allies and neighbors are aligned then the ability to understand their differences can be somewhat confusing. So, in this regard a better understanding of world geography will provide an insight into historical conflicts and modern ones as well.Regarding the Cold War, there are a number of geographical issues that can be explored.

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For example, in Latin America there were a number of pro-Soviet regimes intermixed with pro-Western ones. This led to significant tension in that particular hemisphere. In Europe, however, the tensions were more pronounced as Europe was split between East and West with the East being under the Soviet sphere of influence whereas the more independent West as concerned with Soviet encroachment into their territories and sovereignty,In the Arab- Israeli situation, there is a Jewish state surrounded by Islamic ones. However, the conflict between Israel is more centered on Israel’s proximity to Syria, Iran, Palestine and Lebanon whereas its relations with Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have improved tremendously. Of course, there is long standing controversy regarding Israeli’s expansions and this, of course, ties into Israeli’s expanding of its borders.

Looking at the geography of the situation one can understand how such proximity of nations that do not get along can led to global tensions.


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