World history

According to Mocadsvi.

org, justice is in general a term used to describe the act of being fair, right, appropriate and deserved. It is addresses when an unacceptable act is given attention to and the victims feel relief after. It is when the person involved becomes accountable for the act. Justice can also be achieved when women are given the chance to speak of their violent experiences and abuse, by hearing and acknowledging the truth and making them feel safe. It is when we stand by tem and help them achieve a fair treatment.

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Justice is not bought and sold. It is a very strong word that encompasses all the rights of every living creature. It is when people get right compensation in jobs.

It is when they are given consideration and not underestimated.Genocide is a term which means “measures directed towards forcing members of a group to abandon their homes in order to escape ill-treatment” (Lipmann, 2002).  A lot of people believe that ethnic cleansing is more acceptable than this one. Because genocide is the criminal act of destroying any group- ethnic, religious, national, etc. and not aiming to transfer them to another area, people do not consider the application of it.

Instead, they choose ethnic cleansing which aim to homogenize lands, which include a number of processes. This just shows that the acceptance of either genocide or ethnic cleansing is very relative. Once we look at the definition of each, people will be able to distinguish which one is acceptable.

In history, people have proven how “genocide” could affect the lives of some ethnic and religious groups. Because of that, people’s minds get inflicted with the fact that genocide is bad and can harm people due to forceful expulsion. Ethnic cleansing is more acceptable because it is the euphemized form of wanting homogeneity in lands. Also, it does not use too much force and coercion to get a favorable response, compared to genocide that does not consider human rights at all.ReferencesKopel, D. & Eisen J. (2004).

Avoiding genocide. Retrieved February 21, 2009, from National Review Online Web Site:

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