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Given the situation wherein I have a fat bank account containing 12,500,000€ and a worry-free future with perpetual annuity of 175,000€, I would never have to struggle looking for money.  Instead, my concern would be on how to spend it, making a mark for myself especially that I am banned from my dear state, the Republic of Iceland.

Financially-equipped and armed with a liberal arts degree, my first concern would be to find myself a decent place to live in.  I would personally prefer to continue living in Iceland but since this is no longer possible, the next best thing for me to do is choose a country bearing the following conditions:a)      where the cost of living is low;b)      where poverty and hunger is an issue;c)      a democratic country;d)      where there are depressed areas that need social reform but is safe enough for me to come out alive; ande)      an ally of the United States of America; among others.My goals in choosing the country are as follows:Ø  Get a high conversion rate for my European money and never run out of cashØ  Spend my time and money on worthwhile projectsØ  Join cause-oriented groups and charitable institutionsØ  Help eradicate poverty and be a catalyst to the solutions of the recent global economic crisisØ  Get a dual citizenshipØ  Be able to come home to IcelandTo my knowledge, the country that possesses the above qualifications would be the Republic of the Philippines.  The Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia comprising of about 7,000 islands with three major islands – Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

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  It is the world’s 12th most populous country.  Its national economy is the 47th largest in the world with Gross Domestic Product of about $168.6 billion USD.  The Philippines has a presidential, unitary form of government (with some modification; there is one autonomous region largely free from the national government), where the President functions as both head of state and head of government, and is commander-in-chief of the armed forces (Wikipedia, 2009).I think applying for an entry to the Philippines will not be too difficult since the Philippines is a founding member of the United Nations.  Its Foreign relations, administered by the President of the Philippines and the Department of Foreign Affairs, has been increased over the years.  Based on my readings, its foreign policy is based on the advancement of Filipino ideals and values, among which include the advancement of democracy and advocacy of human rights worldwide (Wikipedia, 2009, p.

1).  This fact tells me that this is a friendly nation whereby foreigners are treated with respect.  In effect, my programs would be appreciated and recognized.

Although now a newly industrialized country, there are areas in the Philippines that need foreign aid.  The economic status of the people residing on these areas is considered to be “below poverty” line.  I hope to reach these areas and help alleviate its poverty level.

We are all aware that we are in a state of global economic crisis.  The Philippines, though not significantly hit, needs to prepare itself from the rippling effects that is rapidly hitting more wealthy nations.  It especially needs to ready its depressed areas which have long suffered the setbacks of its own economic policies.Politically powerless, the only way to gain influence is for me to communicate with the proper authorities in Europe (for my protection).  Our European embassy shall communicate with the Philippine embassy regarding my proposals.  I will organize a cause-oriented group that will concentrate its charitable works in the depressed areas of the Philippines.On the income-generating side, I will get the cooperation of giant establishments in the Philippines.

  I would offer to provide livelihood projects in one or three depressed areas near the location of their businesses.  Livelihood projects might include establishment of business arms for these companies.  Another livelihood project would be the establishment of micro-industries which will provide employment in the area.On the non-profit side, I would provide good schools for the identified indigenous children in order to help eradicate the unemployment rate which is mainly caused by the inferior educational programs for poor children.

  Some never get to college and end up working on “below minimum wage.”  The school would have to be named after the Republic of Iceland.I know this won’t be easy to implement because of the existing corrupt practices in the Philippines.  Bearing in mind the goodwill that I would have to maintain, I would as much as possible evade from the tentacles of any politician.  Strict policies have to be established in the budgeting of funds.

  Release of funds should be personally evaluated and approved by the board of directors, myself included.Every political policy of the Philippines, its laws and regulations should be carefully followed in order to prevent conflict in the implementation of the programs.  I hope to create good foreign relations between the Philippines and the Republic of Iceland.  Each successful program should benefit the Republic of Iceland as well because of the goodwill established.The success of the projects would contribute to the well-fare of the other nations because increased the employment rate would pump prime the economy of the Philippines.  This would stabilize the country’s financial position enabling it to regain more foothold on international trade.  This done, the rippling effect would be a better global economy through active international trade.

When I find my programs successful, I will prepare a report to the European Council in order for me to regain entry to the Republic of Iceland.  I am a very nationalistic individual and there’s no place for me like home.  In Iceland, I would invest in buying real estate properties or buy stocks of good businesses in order for me to gain a passive income that will benefit me and my country as well on a long-term basis.

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