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Last updated: March 29, 2019

The presence of chemicals in the modern society has brought us benefits, but has at the same time caused several problems, among them being environmental pollution. Today, pollution is one of the global environmental concerns, with the campaign against it popularizing every day. Pollution can be defined as the introduction of substances that can either carry the risk of or damage the health of living things or the natural environment itself to the environment. This essay emphasizes on the need to prevent and campaign against pollution.

Importance of controlling pollutionGenerally, there are several types of pollution, including air, water, and soil pollution among others. Each type of pollution has several problems associated with it. It is important to control pollution, because if ignored, it could cause serious effects to the environment.

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1)      Reasons why we should control air pollutionAir pollution is the presence of gases, liquids or solids in the air, which may cause harm to animals, humans or the general environment. The type and the quantity of air pollutants determine the extent of the pollution. Air pollution should be controlled because it has several health effects. Humans are dependent on air; we breathe about 35 lb of air every day. Polluting air therefore causes respiratory problems, increasing the mobility and mortality among susceptible individuals in the society. (Abel, 1996)Smoke, haze and dust, which are easily seen air pollutants, are also a general public concern. These three cause reduced visibility, and can result to serious air, water and land accidents.

Moreover, air pollution, whether natural or man made affects the climate. Dust and other particles in the atmosphere provide nuclei around which condensation can occur, forming droplets, and therefore playing a role in disrupting rainfall and snowfall patterns.A major reason why we should control air pollution is because it is a major cause of global warming. Global warming is caused by the emission of green house gases into the atmosphere. The presence of these gases has caused an increase in the earth’s temperatures by 33 degree more than it should be. According to scientists, the increased concentration of the greenhouse gases; carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, ethane and fluorocarbons, is the main cause of the increased temperatures. However, the big problem that the world faces is not the green house gases, but the effects that they cause.

Research has shown that the effects of greenhouse gases are already being seen. These include: the extinction of some wild animals, particularly those at the Arctic Circle like polar bear and penguins, an increase in patients suffering from diseases such as malaria and dengue fever, since the increased temperatures will favor the disease vectors. Other expected effects are floods, droughts and change of rainfall patterns among others. (Kuha, 2009)2)      Reasons why we need to control water pollutionWater pollution is the presence of any undesirable chemical, biological of physical matter in water bodies. If these undesirable properties are not destroyed as fast enough, they result to destruction of water organisms and pollution of drinking water. Oil spills are a major cause of water pollution. Oil spills may either be accidental oil spillages in the sea during transportation, or may be washed off by rain water runoff from the land and drained into rivers and lakes.

Oil spills block the oxygen that flows into the water in lakes, causing death of fish and other water organisms through suffocation. Broken water sewers also cause pollution of drinking water. Disease outbreaks can result if the sewer spews into drinking water pipes. Factories should also be advised to seek alternative ways to dispose off their chemical wastes, instead of draining them into the rivers. (Abel, 1996)3)      Land pollutionLand is one of the greatest resources given to human beings.

However, we keep on polluting it through application of undesired chemicals and dumping solid wastes. It is wrong for us to dump garbage and other solid wastes, that cannot decompose into landfills and junk fields, because we end up polluting the land. Furthermore, application of chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers by farmers amounts to land pollution. Such farming activities may seem beneficial in the short-run, but in the long-run, they end up as land pollutants. Land pollution also occurs through deforestation.

Cutting down trees and destruction of other soil cover leaves land bare and exposed to agents of destruction like erosion, making it infertile.ConclusionAs seen from the essay, pollution causes serious damage to the environment. It should therefore be the duty of every human being to campaign against world pollution. Governments from countries all over the world should be at the fore front of encouraging and educating people on the ways through which they can prevent pollution in order for us to conserve the environment. They should also enforce strict rules, especially on the industries which dispose off untreated chemical wastes and gas emissions into the environment.

Encouraging planting of trees, making strict rules on waste disposal, emphasizing on recycling and reusing are other ways in which the governments could apply to reduce the rates of pollution.


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