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It’s normally the European name for Sanatama Dharma which means the eternal law. On the other hand the word Hindu comes from Sanskrit word which means river. The land beyond the river was given the name Hindu; the people who lived there were called Hindus. Although they have lived there, there were complex religious systems; they don’t have an acknowledged human founder. There was a suggestion that the principle beliefs that encompasses Hindu religion were brought to India by the invasion of the Aryan peoples. An established religion was already there which was primary based on worship of divine fire but there was suggestion that the original Hinduism conquered much of present day India. Hindus can be either worshipers of a god or atheists can bring negativity to themselves for the ascetics or men of the world (Kinsley, 1998).

All along Hinduism has never been a missionary religion till the twentieth century and has been limited to India and the groups of emigrant Indians. Advaita Vedanta is the most common form of Hinduism in the west. It represents the most ancient, pre-Aryan development of Hinduism. With Sikh religion it seeks to unite elements of Hinduism and Islam (Kinsley, 1998).Many incarnations are worshipped by the Hindu community. Among them we have the Shiva-which is fierce figure representing both creative and the negative sides of divinity. Vishnu incarnates himself many times through history so as to bring the message of salvation to man (Kinsley, 1998).

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Vishnu’s incarnations includes; Rama who is a benevolent king. Krishna is an impetus and violent, the same us erotic figure. Sometimes the gods will appear moral and are always represented with sexual imagery.Many cults worship complex variety of gods which are all seen as manifestations of one Supreme Being i.e. the Brahma. Brahma is usually observed as a loving god who desires salvation (Braswell and Braswell, 1994).With Hinduism Parvati is the love goddess.

Parvati is one of the most celebrated goddess within Hindu community. Unlike Durga and Kali who tend to assume their own independent religious status, Parvati usually engages the greater attention of the poets, musicians and dancers. What numerous are her aspects, multiple are her attributes and varied persona. Among all the mythic beings in Hindu pantheon she is the most loved and the most giving of her love.There is a true celebration of true Hindu womanhood in her. She has sensual beauty and her endowment is not physical but spiritual and not narcissistic but meant as an offering.

In her there is a grand personification of Hindu expression along with the concept of beauty (Braswell and Braswell, 1994).Parvati identifies herself with mountains regions because Parvati’s name means “She is very beautiful and shows keen interest in Shiva, fond of repeating his name to herself and also takes delight in hearing about his appearance and deeds.During the time of Parvati when Shiva embraces Parvati love god Kama is resuscitated and the sweat from her body tend to mingle with the ashes of the burned god. They have a so intense love making such that it shakes the cosmos making the gods to become frightened (Braswell and Braswell, 1994).They get frightened at the prospect of the type of the child from two such potent duties. For the most part Shiva and Parvati married their life was portrayed as harmonious calm and blissful. It’s known that the Parvati and Shiva argue and even insult one another from time to time (Akademi, 1978).

Bengali is described as irresponsible and hemp-smoking who can’t be able to look after himself.Kali is thought to have emanated from the brow of the goodness Durga. In one of the battles between the divine and anti-divine forces. Durgans Dame means “Beyond reach|”.

She is an echo of the woman’s warrior’s virginal autonomy.  She is taken as the forceful form of the great goddess Durga (Akademi, 1978).With her description, she is a black woman with four arms. One hand holds a sword and with other hand holds a head of a demon she has slain. The other two hands she is encouraging her worshippers. She has two earrings inform of two dead bodies and has a necklace of a skull.

For the clothing she has a girdle made of dead man’s hands, and a tongue protrudes from her mouth. Her face and breasts are besmeared with blood while her eyes are red. She takes a standing posture with one foot on the breast and another on the thing of her husband.Though her fierce description is filled with awe-inspiring symbols, the real meaning is not what it first appears. They have not unequivocal importance.

Kali’s darkness symbolizes her all-embracing because from black is where all other colors emerge (Braswell and Braswell, 1994).Her nudity poses almost a similar meaning. In her primordial nakedness it means she is from covering of illusion. The meaning is that she nature stripped off clothing.

It symbolizes that she is beyond the illusory effects from Maya. She is regarded as the bright fire of truth which burns them away (Akademi, 1978).The four arms tend to represent the complete circle of creation and destruction, contained within her. She is the representative of inherent creative along with destructive rhythms of cosmos. Her destructive aspect is illustrated by the blooded sword and the severed head symbolizes dawning of knowledge and the destruction of the ignorance. The sword of knowledge tends to cut the knots of ignorance destroying the force consciousness (Akademi, 1978).This sword opens the gates of freedom cutting the eight bonds that bind human beings.

The three eyes represent the fire, moon and the sun and she is able to observe the three modes of time i.e. present, future and the past. With the Kali’s dwelling place the cremation ground tends to denote a place where five elements get dissolved.The heart of devotee refers to where the burning takes place and where Kali dwells is in his heart. The fire of knowledge which Kali bestows is the inner cremation fire in the heart.

With the image of recumbent with Shiva lying under the feet of Kali tends to represent Shiva being passive potential creation and Kali is portrayed as his Shakti. Kali portrays the image of the world as the conveyed as spontaneous effortless, dizzying of that (Mason, 2003).There are some stories that Kali’s dance with Shiva has a threat to destroy the world through its savage power. This dance follows closely the myths of the demon Daruka.

An interesting explanation is that when Shiva asks his wife Pavarti to annihilate this demon she just enters Shiva’s body and transforms herself from the poison stored in his throat (Akademi, 1978).Durga comes home to her parents along with her four children; Karltik, Saraswati, Ganesh and Laxmi. This happens once a year. In the autumnal month of Ashwin so as to enjoy all the love and attention lavished on her.

The unfortunate thing is that this visit lasts for only three days and on the fourth day she embarks on a journey back to her husbands in the mountain kingdom of kailash (Akademi, 1978).Durga is regarded as the god of deliverance and comes to earth seventh day after the onset of autumn moon. Her depiction by the potters is a resplendent golden figure which stands on the lion’s background each of her ten arms bears a certain weapon while she trumpets over the demon mahisasura (Muesse, 2003).

In Sanskrit Durga means she who is understandable or difficult to reach. She is a goddess worshipped for her gracious as well as her terrifying aspect. Being the mother of the universe she represents infinite power of the female dynamism.As a great and beautiful warrior seated upon tiger, was the initial appearance of the great goddess.

She is also called by many other names such as Ambika, Kali and Parvati. She is the destroyer of demons (Muesse, 2003).Timurti is a concept that tends to hold God as three aspects as follows; Brahma Vishnu and the Shiva. These three personae are just aspects of the one and the same God. All the three trimurtis are males, and each aspect has a female consort and all are the manifestations of the supreme goddess Shakti. With Brahma he was able to create due to the fact that his consort is Sarasvati who is the goddess of speech and learning.

The process of chanting Krishna maha-mantra with a promise before the tulasi plant always has a great spiritual potency and by doing this one can become spiritual strong (Krishna, 1994).Chanting Krishna maha-mantra on the beads everyday doesn’t seem difficult for anyone.This is usually accompanied by respect to the Tulasi plant. The Lord Shiva is the representative of the aspect of the Supreme Being and continuously dissolves so as to recreate the cyclic process of creation, preservation, recreation and even the dissolution of the whole universe. The words annihilation and destruction have been by error associated with Lord Shiva (Krishna, 1994)The difficulty occurs when people are not able to grasp true significance of his cosmic rule. This creation tends to sustain itself by the balance between the forces of good and evil (Mason, 2003).

The disturbance of this balance makes life impossible and the Lord Shiva dissolves the universe so as to create the next cycle for unliberated souls to have another opportunity to set themselves free from the bondage of the physical world.This means that Shiva protects souls from the pain and suffering that can be caused by dysfunctional universe (Mason, 2003).With kali her boon is worn only when a man confronts or accepts her along with the realities she dramatically conveys to the man. The image of kali conveys teachings that, pain, decay, sorrow and destruction cannot be overcame by denying them away or even wishing them away.


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