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Last updated: March 25, 2019

Religious differences have been one of the most controversial issues in the society. Sometimes the variation of religious belief among people is often the source of conflict. This is due to the fact that the religious affiliation of individuals tends to largely influence the other areas of their life.

This kind of adage could be exemplified by the point of view of the Catholic and Islamic religion towards the role of women in society and their human rights. Women rights have been one of the most debatable topics when it comes to these two religions. Being the case, the Catholic and Islamic religions view regarding women should be given due attention and importance.The Catholic Church emphasizes their belief that women are individuals that are responsible before God. Women make decision and action that affect their own salvation as well as other people. This aforementioned belief is central to the Catholic faith.

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This belief only shows that women are empowered in the eyes of the Catholic Church and they have an important role in the Catholic faith, which could be seen in some of the important events in Jesus life like the crucifixion wherein more women are at the foot of the cross. The Catholic Church also recognized the rights of women and this could be exemplified by the women in Catholic England before the pre-reformation because they are allowed to have their property and their husband would not have a right over even after marriage (Bogle, 1997).The popular belief of most people when it comes to Islamic belief towards women is often tainted with the idea of oppression and violent treatment.

However, it is essential that in order to distinguish the Islamic religion from the cultural norms and style of a society. The teachings of the Koran are addressed to all Muslims and majority of it does not differentiate between men and women. According to the Koran, man and woman “were created of a single soul,” and are morally equal in the sight of Allah (Maqsood, n.d.

). As such, this religion believes that women have the right to divorce, inherit property, conduct business, and access knowledge. The difference in the obligations of women from men in the Koran only becomes different when it deals with pregnancy, childbearing, child rearing, menstruation, and clothing. Muslim women have to recognize their husbands as the head of the family but they are not their masters as their only master is Allah (Islam for Today, n.d.). These goes to show that even though Islam is obviously patriarchal it views men and women as moral equals (Maqsood, n.

d.).The discussion about the Catholic and Islamic religions was able to clarify the wrong notions and perceptions about these religious faiths. Making this research was able to help to really understand these two religions especially the Islamic belief. I realized that religious belief is different from societal norms. Religious teachings could give a different message as compared with the practices in the society. I learned that a person should not judge a certain religion based merely of hearsay but rather one should understand it first before giving any comment or criticism about it.ReferencesBogle, A.

(1997). Catholic Women – A Case of Oppression? Retrieved June 5, 2009, from

Joanna Bogle, the author of this article is a reputable writer that works from London, England. She also represents the orthodox Catholic viewpoint on television and radio. The site where the article is posted in a site called Catholic Answers wherein its creators are have the main objective of enlightening the people about the Catholic faith.

Islam for Today. A Collection of References from the Quran and Hadeeth about the Rights ofWomen Guaranteed by Islam. Retrieved June 5, 2009, from for Today is a site that is founded by a former Christian who converted to Islam.

This site discusses many important issues about the Islamic religion like the rights of Muslim women. The main goal of its creator is to inform people about Islam that would aid those who wants to become Muslim to have the proper knowledge as well as train the new converts in developing their faith.Maqsood, R.

W. Islam, Culture and Women. Retrieved June 5, 2009, fromhttp://www. Waris Maqsood is recognized as an expert in the study of the Islamic religion.

She already wrote more than thirty books on Islam and other subjects related to this religion.


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