World Religions

Religion refers to the strong belief in a supernatural power. It can also be defined as a group of people who believe in a divine power. There are many aspects of religions and worship is one of them. This discussion looks at worship as a core component of religion and seeks to explain what worship is all about from a perspective of some of the religions that there are in the world (Evelyn. 33-34).Worship differs from one religion to another. Although the aim of worship may be similar in almost all religions, the form which it takes is slightly different. In the Islam religion, The Quran is very clear on worship.

It states that the main purpose of living for mankind is to worship Allah (God). The five pillars of Islam are forms of worship in this particular religion. In Islam worship is viewed as an inclusive activity which encompasses all deeds that are pleasing to the Almighty. Worship is viewed as the true test in determining a true faithful Muslim (Evelyn.

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49-52).While in other religions worship is a form of adoration to God in the Hindu religion it is a way of looking for favors from God. Worship need not be done in a particular place in Hindu religion. Instead any place is seen as suitable for carrying out worship (Evelyn.

66-68). Worship in the Christian religion is seen as a spiritual thing. Christians carry out their worship through prayers and songs of praise to God. The act of worship takes various forms and may have different aims depending on the religion. The bottom-line though is that whatever form worship takes it is all centered on God (Evelyn. 87-89).



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