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Last updated: March 31, 2019

A recent event in my life, that I can still remember specially the details was the tree-planting event sponsored by our organization. This happened two weeks ago. I am part of an environmentalist organization which promotes green and organic living.

Our organization usually sponsor events like this because we believe that thought his, we are helping the environment against the harsh effects of climate change. The tree-planting even we sponsored recently would be a tool for children to breathe fresh air help control floods in the area. It was a whole day event.

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It started with a speech from the president of the organization. Many schools participated in the event. Also present in the tree-planting sessions were some private individuals and private companies. It was overwhelming to see these people.

We did not expect that they would participate in the event. This assumption is based on the ground that environmental issues nowadays are like dead people buried alive.The Tree-Planting Activity: on a psychological perspectiveOn a psychological perspective, the individuals who participated in this event were able to utilize effectively their id, ego and superego.

Perhaps, their id was telling them from the start that indeed they need this kind of activity for themselves, that they would be affected also if they will not act now against the harmful effects of climate change. But then, perhaps their superego is also talking tot hem during that time, that it doesn’t matter if they care about the environment or not; that what matters most is their selves, not really to think of other people’s needs. Good thing they were able to balance everything and they listened to their ego.

Ego usually balances the superego and the id. Perhaps during that time they were decided already that indeed they want to help other people and the environment that is why they finally decided on participating in the event.The Tree-Planting Activity: on a social constructionist perspectiveOn a social constructionist point of view, we can look at the event as something that is socially constructed. This perspective shows that people’s decision to participate is a social product. They decided to join the tree-plating session with our organization as a product of different social events that affected their lives. Perhaps, some of the participants were victims of floods or some of them have seen on TV or have read in the news paper the destructive effects of climate change. Some of them perhaps have experienced the effects of climate change directly, while some are just bombarded by information regarding the effects of climate change.

These are all social products. These are results of everyday activities and experiences of people. Indeed their decision is a result of their everyday experiences.The Tree-Planting Activity: a cultural perspectiveOn a cultural studies perspective, the event has a basis on the culture of those who participated.

Culture defines how people behave. For example, in the said event, we cannot deny that people showed volunteerism and cooperation. Perhaps, these people or participants have learned the value of volunteerism and cooperation in their culture as they grew up.

Thus, now they want to practice what their culture has taught them. If for example, the participants’ culture do not really teach them volunteerism and cooperation, the event would not be successful, a s it will not be participated by numerous people.This particular event in my life will be a memorable one. The event is socially relevant. The attitudes of the people who participated in the event is the subject matter here, because it was not expected that indeed, many people are thinking of the damaging effects of climate change which prompted them to participate in our tree-planting session.Ideal CommunicatorFor me, the ideal communicator that I admire most is Angelina Jolie.

Yes, she is an actress but, she was the United Nations’ Ambassador of Goodwill. Having this title with her, it cannot be denied that she is relying messages to the people around the world on how important it is to care for other people from other countries. Her ethos or credibility has already been proven by the fact that she was hailed by the United Nations as the Ambassador of Goodwill. Not because she is an actress, we could say her pathos or the emotional aspect of her personality is already tested. Even if she is not an actress, the way she way she talks and the way she acts, by adopting malnourished and unwanted children in Africa show her emotional sincerity.

  Lastly, her logos are obviously in use in a manner that is for the good of the poor. This is my argument because, some people though they use their logos intelligently, and they are doing that, perhaps for their own good. Angelina on the other hand is using her logos or the power of reasoning to reach the unfortunates. Angelina Jolie is not an environmentalist in particular but the way she looks and interprets at the world shows a social constructionist view, as well as, a little of cultural studies– just like how I interpreted the event that happened recently in my life.


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