World War II

There is an argument that World War II has resulted from the Great Depression and World War I. Researches prove that the argument is quite valid and justified. As a result of the Great Depression the collapse of the USA has strongly affected many of the European countries and Germany was hardly hit as well. The Great Depression resulted in high rates of civil unrest, unemployment and poverty. Thus, it is the overall feeling of despair that drove the success and rise of Adolf Hitler and fascism. In “Germany and the Two World Wars”, Hillgruber Andreas writes, “Severe unemployment prompted the Nazi Party, which had been losing favor, to experience a surge in membership. This more than anything contributed to the rise of Hitler in Germany, and therefore World War II in Europe”. (Andreas, 1981)

Further, World War II is also viewed as the continuation of World War I. historians argue that it was rather hardly possible for German to acknowledge the defeat in the World War I and the German Revolution. Instead of signing peaceful treaty, the country was decided to be punished for war responsibility. Germany seemed to be left smaller, embittered and weaker. Thus, Adolf Hitler promoted the idea that German had an excellent opportunity to display their power and influence across the world. For him, it was a chance to seek revenge. He claimed that World War II would be winnable for German using the theory of “Stab in the Back”. (Andreas, 1981)

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Andreas, H., & Kirby, W. (translt.). (1981). Germany and the Two World Wars. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press.






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