World War II

War in its actual context refers to the existence of armed battle between nations, states or independent sovereign society.

Conservatively, the purpose of war is to change by the use of military force a political policy or principle against their rivals. Two great wars such as the World War I and II have emerged for the fight of different policies and ideologies.War’s violent nature and its social effects always questions moral language of a certain individual. One might ask, is war always wrong? Are there situations when war can be justified? The principle of World War II may answer these questions.World War II began primarily with the campaign of Germany against its neighboring nation Poland.

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With this, Britain and France are rapidly got into action to help their Polish ally. Consequently, the formation of the Axis and the fall of France take into picture. With the domination of the Axis both in the west and the east of the globe, the United States together with its ally nations declare war against the axis. With the numerous battles in different places, the war ended, leaving the Allies the victorious one.The Allies declaration of war against the Axis is a battle of liberty and freedom of not only their nation but of all the nations that can not fight back against the dominated forces of the Axis.

The fight for freedom and liberty gave the Allies the strength to win the war, thus, considering it the good war.The term good war does not literally mean that this war is a good thing to do in its natural sense but good war because of the principles that were battled for. The principle of a free and independent entity is the core reason why World War II with its fearful nature is one of the greatest.BibliographyBrinton, C.

, Christopher, J. B., & Wolff, R. L. A History of Civilization (1955). New Jersey, Prentice-Hall,Inc.

Author: Josefina Poole


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