World Wildlife Fund: Here to Save the Planet’s Ecosystem

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Last updated: February 11, 2019

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is a 45-year old interest group that aims to protect the future of nature, the earth’s ecosystems.

It is headed by experts from different fields which actually make up their executive team, research divisions, and their board. It is a vast organization that works alongside 100 countries and has a membership network of over five million (more than a million in the United States alone) on a global scale.Its mission is quite simple: the conservation of nature. They would work with the latest developments in science which helps to achieve their goal for the earth and its ecosystems. The preservation of the diversity of life on the planet is a top priority for WWF and its members—including the nations that participate in their projects. Their goal by 2020 is to successfully preserve nineteen or more natural places in the world. Also, they would like to change the flow of global markets in order to ensure the bright future of nature.

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Most recently, the WWF participated in the fight against global warming, which threatens the health of many World ecosystems and the lives of its inhabitants—including humans. If the world is healthy, its inhabitants will be as well. Their panda logo symbolizes their aim to help preserve the ecosystems, as well as help remove animals from the endangered list by collaborating with countries to protect these animals.WWF’s international headquarters is in Switzerland, while its United States headquarters is in Washington, DC. There are at least a hundred more across the world. Anyone could participate in many ways.

One could simply join the WWF through their website and support from their by donating for the cause. Another way of joining is going to their main headquarters or outlying branches nearby. The simplest way for a person to participate is to just do his or her part in preserving the health of the ecosystems. This would be enough to make a difference. After all, help does not really have to be in the form of credit or money. Of course, it could as well help fund their projects for the preservation of nature.Like all interest groups that support the preservation of nature (well, basically the world), the WWF also participate in protests against the earth’s gradual destruction; not as extreme or radical as some of these groups, though. The usual opponents of this kind of groups are usually the probable polluters; like oil companies, huge corporations that still contribute to nature’s destruction, and communities that threaten to wipe out certain species.

Basically, individuals and groups (even policies) who (or which) contribute to the widespread destruction through a global phenomenon—example, global warming—of nature and its ecosystems, which ultimately results to the demise of its inhabitants including plant life, are the opponents of the WWF. Of course, the WWF does not really “destroy” in order to make a statement like most interest groups. Rather, they would usually petition for policies that could work for both human development and the preservation of nature; if it is not possible, then only for nature. They would also utilize effective tools like media to convey their goals and ask for support.If given an opportunity to make a difference for the world, I would gladly join the World Wildlife Fund because its cause is quite appealing and it will definitely have a significant effect to our lives, just like the effects of global warming which probably made the lives of many, a little bit worse.

I believe that preserving nature should be humanity’s top priority because without it, I do not think people could live properly. As a matter of fact, it would be like hell just scorched earth and replaced everything with artificial things that do no really cut out to replace the real ones (talking about trees and wildlife here).The World Wildlife Fund is one of the most prominent interest groups in the world.

With over five million supporters globally, it is no surprise why this has also been one of the most influential and effective interest group, even without the use of extreme or radical protesting (destroying, etc.). Furthermore, a lot of countries support this interest group and they continue to bid for support from individuals, especially the younger ones.ReferencesWorld Wildlife Fund. (2009).

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