Worldview is a set of views and beliefs an individual has about the world around him in general and about certain aspects of this world in particular. This set can be complete, and elaborate, and panoptic or undeveloped, alogic and contradictory depending of age, experience and education of an individual. Regardless of complexity and self-consistency, worldview comprises of opinions and believes about God, about the world around, about ethics and morale, about truth and justice, about humanity, its place and purpose.Worldview is, in essence, a model that reflects world and its organization in the mind of a single human. This is a model of reality built upon personal experience learned and inherited from the surrounding individuals, and once built, this model governs subsequent perception of the world.

Since this model defines even certain individual’s place, purpose and importance in the universe, it affects his mode of actions, way of communications and everything.Worldview has certain functions, that could be summarized in the following: worldview, to begin with, provides an individual with cognitive foundations for his system of explanation of reality. Secondly, worldview based on cultural believes gives emotional comfort and security to the individual providing him with feeling of “roots” and stability. Thirdly, worldview acts as a measurement scale that helps to guide personal behavior, judge acts of neighboring ones and evaluate personal experience.

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The fourth, shared worldview plays integrative role as it summarizes and unites the ideas of more or less numerous groups of people and provides them with collective identity, thus consolidating them. Fifthly, worldview allows individual to monitor and evaluate cultural changes and ideas and trends, and select to incorporation those that fit into established picture of reality and reject those that do not fit into this picture, thus preventing controversies inside the system of universe perceived. (“What is a Worldview” 3)Works Cited:Aerts, D., Apostel, L., De Moor, B.

, Hellemans, S., Maex, E., Van Belle, H., Van Der Veken, J. Worldviews: From Fragmentation to Integration. Brussels: VUB Press, 1994.“What is a Worldview?” Concordia University. May 2008.

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