Write a few paragraphs about your Diversity

My diversity as a person is very crucial to who I am of course.

I seem to have this ability called consistency. I am able to replicate a certain action; this action is more of an ability. I am able to give 100% effort in everything I do. I have acquired this by seeing the results of my very own efforts leading me to success. I do not take on a project with giving my all.2.         What is your strategic plan for your future? Are you clear where you are heading? Personal and Professional.

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What are you focused on that might help you achieve your goals? What obstacles might be standing in your way? Self imposed or other obstacles?My Plans for the future could be described as complex. I have many goals, both long and short term.  I have had the luxury of being surrounded by great people throughout my life to direct me in the right direction and give great advice.

I believe with a combination of this luxury and the determination that I have acquired through life and of course a little luck my goals will become reality.My goal in life is to become an orthodontist, I have had a love for this profession since the age of 12. That is the main reason why I chose to come to Nova Southeastern University. With such a great dental and orthodontic graduate program, I thought it would be a great advantage to attend NSU from the undergraduate level.  I would like to finish my undergraduate career here at NSU with a  double major and a minor. I have a major in psychology and plan to get my second one in business administration and aminor in sociology.

  The reason I chose to major in business administration is to help me grasp an understanding of how to run an orthodontist office from the business aspect.  This process should take me another 2 years  where I see myself graduated and starting my dental school. That process should then take another 2-3 years where then I  can finally tackle on the orthodontist aspect of my schooling career.Another goal that I am working towards is being a basketball coach.

basketball is a very important aspect of my life. I have been playing since the age of 6 and I currently play for the  basketball at NSU. I would love to play at the professional level overseas. but that is more a dream than a goal.

Since basketball has always been a big part of my life I  do not see myself moving away from it. When my playing days are over I still plan to have basketball  a part of my life and I plan to do that by coaching. I have started by coaching middle school/high school kids.

I am also deeply involved in my team. Our team is a  group of handpicked kids who are chosen to compete around the United States. I plan to stick with this team as they continue to grow as students of the game.

My personal goals are probably where it gets a little hectic. I have a goal to have a family in the future but as far as when and who I want to settle down with is still a mystery. I am very family oriented even more so after the passing of my mother.

I findmyself (being the oldest of 13 children) playing a big role in my family. I see myself as big brother, father, mentor for many if not all my siblings. With that being said, it is not that I don’t want to have my own family I just see so many great  quality in my own family that I am a bit picky about who my significant other will be.

I feel that I have a lot of different “paths” in life to become something in this world. At times it is overwhelming but I try to always look at the big picture and use my mother and family as motivation to try to better myself as a person. So far I feel happy with my accomplishments but by no means do i feel complacent. I still have far much to accomplish.3.         What  compliance systems do you have to conform to? Parental, family, obligations, school, legal, work etc.I have many compliance systems to conform to, everyone does. Some individuals conform better than others and those who have the ability or better yet the will to do so have better success in life.

Conforming is only good if it is bettering that individual or the situation a person is in. For example: to conform with a group of trouble makers wouldnot necessarily be the right thing to do but in the  case for family, school and work forthe most part leads you to success.4.         What is your vision for your career? How do you see yourself being involved in work in the future? How will you achieve work life balance? What are the challenges today and as you anticipate the aging process?I hardly have a career in a technical sense; I am still in the preparation stage  of my career which in this case is obviously school.

 In the future I plan to run my own orthodontist office.   As far as coaching, I plan to take that day by day.  I see this as more of my fun time than a career but I do understand if  I do a well enough job I could make it a career.  I think the career of an orthodontist is something I can do for a while. I see that  me aging will not affect me much. I can see myself engaged in my work for 20+ years.5.

         Do you see yourself Changing careers in the future years? do you think you will stay in the same industry.Like I mentioned in the last question, I see myself doing this for 20+ years until i  retire.If I were to change my profession it would probably be to coach basketball fulltime.6.         What training and development plans do you have for yourself? Past, present, and future?The training being done for my future would  be going to school to be an orthodontist.And as for coaching, I think by continuing coaching  my team and attending coaching clinics I will gain the experience needed to flourish as a coach.7.

         How motivated are you? What is your attitude to life and work? How would you appraise your performance to date – in your family system, at work, at school, with friends?I would like to believe that I am a very motivated person. This  has not always been the case; prior to my mother’s death I was a very passive person with a minimal list of goals. I seem to have found motivation in my mother’s death. I was an ignorant person who did not realize what he had for a mother. I use  the fact that I do not want to feel  that all my mother’s dedication  to me and my life could go to no avail if I do not make the most of my life. It has become a way of life for me to hear my mother’s voice in my head when I know I am not giving my 100% or not making the best decision.   “Doing things with 100% effort,  100% of time” is my motto after the passing of my mother.

Her death has showed me that there is nothingguaranteed in life.  So not knowing when my last day on earth may be, I try my hardest in every aspect of my life8.         What plans do you have for money management? Do you understand the value of money?Being a college student, money management is a very important value or concept to grasp. I feel that to a certain degree I understand this concept. I have a system where 30% of my monthly earnings are put into a savings account just in case for one of those  so called “rainy days”.

With the way the economy is these days and the amount of jobs being lost, it is needed to have a savings. There is no telling when a  job could be lost and even worse there is no telling when a new one will be available.9.         What is your self worth? How much do you think you are worth in the market place? Do you think your value will increase with experience? How will you know when you have arrived?Measuring self worth is a tough task. There is no concrete way to measure  self worth, what I feel of myself is not necessary what its true measure it.  The closest way to get a true value of  evaluate ones determination effort and combine that with his or hers success.

So if that is what we are going to go by to determine  self worth then I would say mine is very high. In everything I do in life is with maximum effort and I have a high level success. For example,  the team that I currently coach I put in more effortand go beyond the call. I work after practice with some of my  players and even have film sessions to better not only my players  but as well myself. I Like to be the best at everything I do, knowing that this is not always the case, I always want to be the one who can say ” I tried my best and put all I had into this project”.  As far as my worth in the future, It is only logical to believe that myself worth will continue to grow.

10.       How self disciplined are you?Discipline is something that was instilled in me from an early age. I took martial arts from the age  6 to 15 and that is something that is highly stressed.

  Discipline and consistency go hand-n-hand. If one shows consistency then he or she is a discipline. In the world of business today these two traits can make or break a person’s career.11.       What do you do to ensure that you remain healthy? exercise, good nutrition relaxation?Staying healthy is something that has to be done when playing athletics at the college level. We as a team have a nutritionist who looks after what we eat. We report to her weekly with a list of what we have consumed during the week.

We also as a team take yoga, which is very relaxing.12.        How well do you manage your personal and professional boundaries? Are you a good time manager? Do you keep your word? Are you responsible? Do you let other people down? Do you speak up when someone hurts you? Are you always  to please others? Do you know how to say no?I as a person I try to not to tell people how to their jobs or how  to handle their situations. I do give advice if asked but I respect peoples “boundaries” by not putting my input if asked. Of course if I was in the position where I had to tell people what their job is (i.e. basketball coach: telling his players what to do.

)  then I can, that is how I manage boundaries both personal and professional.With school, sports, and work time management is a crucial skill to have and I believe that I have acquired this skill.  Days do not seem long enough as it is to get everything, so time management is what helps me be successful.In this world sometimes all a person has his/her word, so keeping one’s word is very imperative. At every level this plays a vital role, personal and professional. With this understanding I try to keep my word. I have a high success rate with this, but there are times where unexpected  adversity arises that allow me to keep my promises.

I see this as failure where others see it as an excuse or a reason. I, in these certain situations, donot look at the excuse or reason on why I could not complete what I said I  would but plainly see it as a mission not accomplished. letting people down is not an option for me. My parents, who are my biggest role models, never let me down; I try to duplicate this by demonstrating the same. People depend on others to get certain actions done so they can continue to do their work; I do not want that type of guilt on my shoulders.

I eliminate that  by  pleasing others and not letting them down.I am a very honest and when someone does an action that bothers/hurts me I bring it up. I at the same time I am not controversial but I feel that if such things are  not fixed they can later grow into a bigger problem.;13.       Do you  have good negotiation skills? What your decision making abilities? Do you have a good sense of judgment? Does your judgment protect you or get you into trouble?14.       What kind of team player are you?The type of team player that I am is a motivator. I pretty much do not stand out when everything is going well, but when times of hardship seem to make theirappearances I seem to shine.

I have a great ability to bring people together in these times and prevail over many difficult circumstances.15.       Do you have knowledge and experience outside of South Florida? How does that influence your perception of international HR management and of people who are different from you here in South Florida? Do you have aspirations to travel and or work outside of Florida or the United States? If so, what do you think you will have to learn in order to be a competent employee?The only experience outside South Florida is playing basketball. I feel  that that experience has little to no influence on how I perceive HR at the international level. As far as working outside of Florida  I do not foresee  that as a possibility as of now.

That is not to say that I will not in the future.AbstractIn this paper I will discuss my strengths and weaknesses and how they will pertain to the business world and many different HR policies.;



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