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The reason why I attended the writing class was that I had interest in writing and I wanted to improve this craft.

I could inference all the crux of information that I was gaining but was a little poor as far as following the rules of writing is concerned. Since I am a good reader and a dedicated learner, I felt that I will be able to grasp all the techniques quite fast and become a better writer.I gained a lot in this semester. I used to struggle in linking ideas together but after enrolling in this class, I became better at it. I improved in the comprehension exercises too.

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Many exercises in class required reading fast. With practice I learnt to retain the information while keeping pace with the reading speed and time frame of a task.However, I am still weak in a few areas. I find difficulty in following rules of quotations, due to it sometimes, the whole meaning of a sentence changes. I make grammatical errors and I am often advised to avoid wordiness. I am not able to communicate my ideas clearly. All this frustrates me a lotSince I am determined to improve my writing skills, I am confident that I will overcome the above mentioned drawbacks very soon.

To improve in writing means to develop the habit of practicing because practice makes a man perfect. Practice will enhance my strengths; improve my grammar as well as my communication skills. With this strategy, I would be able to achieve my goal. 



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