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Last updated: March 23, 2019

During the development of my prospectus, I experienced various significant learning experiences that have most certainly affected my perception of my chosen industry and of conducting formal research within that industry. In making decisions on the description and justification section of the prospectus, I was able to gain much deeper insights about my area of specialization. I was able to interact  with several authorities in my field and found that I could learn greatly from them on plotting the course of  direction that I would like my prospectus to take. In the planning stage, I became more aware of different research methodologies as well as with the differences between the prospectus and other research papers that I have done in the past.I came to appreciate the value of the prospectus as not simply research for its own sake but rather as a functional tool that I am to build for the benefit of the science to which I belong to as a doctorate student. Lastly, the extensive bibliographical demands of the prospectus has ushered me to develop new skills in conducting reviews of current academic literature and has enhanced my abilities at synthesizing materials from various sources for my own purposes.

It has also increased my sense of academic integrity in strictly adhering to the rigorous standards of the graduate school and going to great lengths to be able to communicate with authors and ask permission from them to use their work as well as seeking clarifications from them about the same. Overall, I believe that the development of the prospectus has been a very positive, enriching learning opportunity yielding lessons that I will carry with me to my profession.

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