Writing Skills

Writing as a form of communication is one of the most essential skills both in academia and in professional practice.

Writing does not involve just putting literature on paper; it involves presenting ideas and facts in written form in a way that they communicate a message with the flow and clarity that will make a reader understand them efficiently. I believe that the essence of this module was to teach us these skills so that we could be proficient in writing; and I have surely gained enough from it.During the onset of the module, I had some fundamental difficulties in articulately expressing myself in the written form. But as the course progressed, I could express myself in a manner any reader could understand me. I also observed that effective writing not only aided me in self expression, I had also started developing insightful thinking skills. I could collect, analyze and arrange ideas and thoughts in such a way that when I was writing, I was not actually transferring information from one medium to another but effectively communicating from my conscience.Because of the writing skills I acquired in this module, I learned to interpret written data and to analyze it so that I could derivatively synthesize information for a specific audience or purpose. I also learned to identify reliable and unreliable sources of information because effective writing must always be based on credible sources of information.

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This acquired skill came in very handy in other course modules as my data collection, research and conclusion drawing procedures became synchronized and based on the correct methodologies.Writing involves collecting data referring to published sources so that one can make inferences and draw relevant conclusions concerning certain phenomena or occurrences. Published resources are governed by copyright laws, and intellectual honesty demands that intellectual property ownership rights be honored.

This is achieved through giving credit by citing sources of information. Through this module, I learned different styles of citing published literary works, like APA and MLA. Through these, I can conduct research and write my papers without the risk of committing intellectual crimes like plagiarism. This module has also enabled me interpret written works and criticize them. This is due to the fact that I have developed my own point of view and I can qualitatively formulate relevant arguments and support them sufficiently.

I have acquired several strengths in the course of this module. For one, I have learned to differentiate confusing vocabularies like ‘whom’ and ‘who’; and I can place them in the correct order in sentences. My vocabulary has also increased, and I can communicate efficiently not only in written but also in written English. However, there are some areas of weaknesses I feel I can improve on.

For example, I have difficulties pronunciation, which is an important language skill. Lack of correct pronunciation skills sometimes makes it difficult to easily grasp the meaning in some articles. I need more reading and writing practice so that I can learn how to correctly derive phrasal verbs, which are my other weakness.In conclusion, the module has really improved my writing and reading ability and therefore positively impacted on my capacity to communicate more clearly and persuasively. This has in turn improved my self-esteem by eliminating the inhibitions I have had in the past; and I see the skills I have acquired going a long way in assisting me in securing great job opportunities in the future.

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