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Last updated: March 31, 2019

1.                  Clothing for traditional weddings varies from culture to culture.Wedding is one of the most sacred rituals or ceremony in every culture. The wedding ceremony differs in every culture and religion. Part of this important ceremony is wearing traditional wedding dresses that conform on the culture of the bride and the groom.

For example, Hanbok is the traditional wedding dress of Koreans and Bridal Lehenga and Sari for Indians. These clothing represent the culture and tradition.2.                  Differences in men’s and women’s speech may be partly based on social factors.Some social factors such as the status of gender in the society may largely affect men’s and women’s speech. The perceived inequality between the two genders is a big factor of the language used by men and women. For example, women used more common and standard language to relate to different levels of society. Moreover, women are not allowed to use profanity because they should appear prim and delicate.

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3.                  What is described as preventive medicine may cover a number of different practices.Preventive medicine is an important aspect of the medical field. Preventive medicine also involved a lot of practices such as hygiene and first-aid. The practices include various skills and techniques. For example, part of preventive medicine is proper hygiene to prevent the onset of various diseases. Moreover, first aid medication is essential in accidents and emergencies.

4.                  Smoking has many disadvantages. Some of them concern personal hygiene and appearance whereas more serious disadvantages relate to health.Smoking is currently one of the top killers of the society.

Smoking has a lot of disadvantages in a person’s health. One of the detrimental effects of smoking is on a person’s appearance and hygiene. Smoking hastens the aging process and makes wrinkles appear early making you feel and look old. Moreover, smoking yields to halitosis making a person unmindful of their hygiene.


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