Writing the Prospectus for the Dissertation

Writing has always been something that I love doing. This is because it gives me the ability to express myself without fear or intimidation of the audience or crowd. However, writing the prospectus for my dissertation was a different ball game entirely. Although I already had an idea of what I wanted to write, I still had to face some challenges in drafting and preparing the prospectus.The first challenge that I had in the writing of the prospectus was how to convert my ideas into words (Leedy, 1993).

Somewhere locked up in my mind was the idea of what I wanted to write about but it took me a while before I could convert my idea into paper. Apart from this, it took me a while before I could coin the topic for the research problem because I know that it must be something that is catchy.Furthermore, it was a bit challenging to choose the methodology that I will use in the prospectus. This is because the having the right idea and knowing what do write does not automatically mean that the dissertation would be a success. Asides these two factors, writing a dissertation requires using the right methodology/procedure (University of Oklahoma, 1996).In addition to this, after I have penned down all I wanted to write.

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It was a challenge to streamline what I had on my outline. I knew that I had to be focused on a particular aspect on the research problem but it took me some time to decide which area I would focus on.Finally, one major challenge that I faced while I was drafting the prospectus for my dissertation is choosing the right sources that I will use in the dissertation.

I understand that changing the sources that I listed in the prospectus might portray an idea that I do not know what I want to write on or that I am confused. Therefore, I took my time to carefully and objectively select the sources/books that I would be using for my dissertation.Reference:Leedy, Paul D. 1993.

Practical Research, 5th ed. New York: Macmillan.



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