Written Assignment: About Former Soviet Union

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Last updated: March 28, 2019


The Soviet Union is abundant with natural resources. Unfortunately, the long cold winter limits the people to maximize their productivity.2. Russification policy aims to extend the Russian domination to the ethnic minorities and to thwart any attempt to oppose the government. This gives absolute control to the Russian regime.3. Thousands of men lost during the World War II. Also, life expectancy among females is longer than that of the males.

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To compensate for the shortage of men, many women are not only confined at home but acquired difficult jobs intended for men.4. Areas around Ural Mountains have abundant natural resources. Aside from that, people prefer to be near Siberia which is also rich in natural resources.5. The health care system of Former Soviet Union suffers a collapse. Many of those who get sick choose not to consult the doctor or refuse to take medicine because they cannot afford it.

6. They have difficulty deviating from the system of military form of economy, where central planning is practiced, thus it is not easy for them to move to market economy.7. The former Soviet Union is facing a major challenge of recovering from economic collapse.

They are trying to move to market economy, but it seems not an easy one.8. The Baltic States adopt and implement market economy. They become the most productive states in Soviet Union.  They open up their shores for foreign trades.

9. Some older Russians consider the days of communism as the symbol of vitality and integrity of Soviet Union. They find equality in communism desirable.

10. The rich deposit of expensive oil in Caspian Sea is referred to as a ‘gold mine’ because of the fortune it can offer. It is also tagged as ‘ticking bomb’ because it has been the subject of the dispute among the states that border the sea.Work Cited:A Country Study: Soviet Union (Former). The Library Of Congress. Online June 16, 2009<http://memory.loc.gov/frd/cs/sutoc.html>


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