Written Communications

Over the years, written communication has remained the most effective mode of communication.  This has been the case due to its immediate ability to reach more people and retain evidence for future references (Richard & Robertson, 200, pp. 56).  Since inception, this form of communication has developed greatly with major improvements in efficiency.  It entails communication through written symbols by or between people.  Written communication acts as the main interlink in both local and international agreements that forms the major binding organs between nations and business entities.

  Its discovery and development has therefore been described as one of the most important aspect of all times.The role of research and planning.To ensure effective written communication, prior research and planning must be undertaken as the major platform for establishing factual information for later analysis and presentation.  This prior stage assists an individual in selecting the proper topic that rhymes with the main issues and information in the text (Uma, 2006, pp. 252).  Good topic attracts the attention of the reader on first sight by shedding clear light on what to expect in the body of the written text.

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  To add to that, this stage ensures that the writer has gathered and consulted enough and relevant sources that will adequately support the subsequent text.  Of greater importance, this stage ensures that the text prepared is of high quality and strong convincing power by carefully surveying and comparing the primary and secondary materials against sequential development.  As a result, this stage guarantees validity of the information to be displayed in the main text.After careful selection of the topic to be used in the text, planning establishes calculative and well flowing ideologies with necessary breakdown of the text that reflects immediate sub text with the main orientation towards the theme.

  It is therefore important to break the text into major headings and minor ones that assist the reader in easier comprehension of the information displayed systematically.  Also, planning later aids in writing drafts, revising them and proof reading the whole document before releasing it to the prospective readers.  Through ample and clear planning of document it is easy to avoid plagiarism and reinventing the wheel (Richard & Kate, 2008, pp.

10).Business writing style: plain EnglishThe essence of business writing is to ensure precise and concise communication is effected to the readers.  Therefore, plain English ensures that strong feedback mechanism is cultivated in the readers’ perspective making it easy to ensure a strong dual-system to complete the cycle.  Through plain English efficiency and equity of the readers is easily enhanced.l  Language.

Use of words in the text should be highly simplified for better understanding by the readers.  The language should be framed in a manner that captures ideas and feelings of the event presented in the text.  Jargons should be avoided and clear explanations given where they are inevitable.

  The ability of the text to be self perpetuating acts as a major point in making the reader go through the document faster and capture all the aspects displayed.l  Sentences.Just like the simple language, sentences should also be simple for easier understanding.  Simple sentences ensure that there is no hidden meaning that may require struggling or possible consultations to understand.

  Where compound sentences are to be used, direct conjunction of related ideas must be harmonized without altering the main concept (Harvard Business School, 2007, pp. 175).l  Paragraphs.To effectively communicate to the readers, it is important to ensure that similar points are grouped together in the same paragraphs.  The paragraphs should however be adequately summarized without compromising the intrinsic quality and content in line with the major theme.

  To add to that, ideas must be arranged in a flowing rhythm that creates the correct mood for the reader therefore pushing him to read the next section.l  Tone.Tone involves the mood expressed by a piece of text as the reader goes though it.  The text is supposed to reflect the urgency, necessity and importance of the issue being discussed in it (Yunxia, 2007, p. 215).  It ensures that the text have high effectiveness as the recipients easily identify with its demands.  Therefore, the correct tone is an imperative aspect in ensuring that immediate and correct feedback is generated.  However, care should be taken to ensure the correct tone is implicated and therefore avoid unnecessary reactions.

Academic writing.Academic writing entails production of written materials that are highly objective in approach, clearly states the importance of the topic in relation to the business context and organizes the work with strong analysis and supportive materials (Harvard Business School, 2007, pp. 175).  Also, it avoids generalization while trying to put forward possible methods that can be employed in addressing the immediate situation or problem.Steps in academic writing.l  Clear and logical thinkingCreative and critical evaluation of the materials being put down enhances the validity and thus improves the chances of positive responses from the readers of the text.

  All the principles and considerations in the text must have adequate premises that support it thereby avoiding possible confrontation and ensuring better flow of the same information through out the text.  Deductive reasoning that gives clear indications and scientific interlink of various aspects acts to solidify the convincing power of the written information to the reader.  Wider perspectives with inclusive illustration inform of flowcharts and graphs reduce possible doubts from the readers and ensure that the correct tone is maintained.  To ensure high quality work, generalization should be totally eliminated (Glenn, 2008. pp. 118-119).l  Structure and content.

As indicated earlier, business communication demands precision and accuracy for the text as well as the ideas presented in the text.  Therefore, after careful analysis of the various phenomena and data related to the text being composed, a strong structure that is as self explanatory as possible should be employed. This is easily done through interpretations and presentations in diagrammatic format.  Academic wittings demands extensive research that clearly supports different perspectives and logically indicating the reasoning behind the identified choice (Dwyer, 2002, p.

58).Therefore, the document should assume a congruent and harmonic model that introduces the idea with a thesis statement which shows the stand of the writer.  Then a consequent body with the prior indicated subsections and a conclusion embossed with recommendations for the particular problem.

  Finally, clear summary should be given as a condensed form of the whole document to the reader.  Besides reminding the reader of the prior concepts, it assists in emphasizing possible aspects that may have been skipped.l  Writing techniques.After collection, analysis and careful reasoning of all the relevant information that should be communicated to the reader, specific techniques should be employed to effectively translate all the information to the desired mode that will be eventually distributed to the reader.  As previously indicated in the writing styles, signaling devices must be well selected to capture the attention and the essence of the text (Perry, 2008, pp. 82-83).  Depending with the desired outcome there should be strong matching emphasis between and among the different aspects interlinking the text.

l  Revising and editingRevising and editing involves close evaluation of the written work before it can be certified to be released to the readers.  It entails careful evaluation of all the aspects in the document (Charles et al, 2008, pp.231-232).  Therefore, it acts as one of the final stages that counter checks major cohesion and harmony of all the ideas that are required to be communicated by the paper.

  It has been described as one of the most important stages in the writing process by proofing that there are no errors or overlapping considerations.Communication onlinePresently advancements in technologies have taken the level of written communication a notch higher through making it easier to avail the written material to more people as well as collecting views and ideas on a global scale.  Varying software enables various people to share data and therefore interact effectively without necessarily meeting physically.  Due to the need for efficacy in communication special sites like my space, and face book have become very popular.  Internet has therefore made work far much easier since it gives a lot of information necessary for the preparation of final documents by the writer.  Sites like Amazon.com provides majority of the latest published work for evaluation and consideration by the writer.

For effective communication online, the writer must have an electronic mail that easily links the written work to the prospective readers at various places.  This system demands that the writer and the reader be online to be able to communicate effectively (Mann, & Stewart, 2000. pp. 45-47).  To add to that the reader must make sure that the document is put in the correct format that the readers are able to decode with ease for efficiency.  Besides, the document should be secured and protected from editing and altering the core concepts by possible business rivals who may have aces to it.

Conclusion.Written communication has remained the most effective form of communication since inception.  It acts as the major way of ensuring that the writer and the reader are in harmony and also gives a direct opportunity for storing varying types of information after the process.  Therefore, it becomes easy to evaluate and compare facts about a given piece of information and its effects at a later date with main view of improving the subsequent forms.  Careful preparation however must always be upheld for efficacy at various moments of the documents preparation.  As indicated earlier, businesses must use facts and thus all the relevant material must be considered and evaluated for clarity and to reflect the real situation as it is expected by the writer.  Business written communication should follow the academic writing specifications that ensure clear focus and direction is given through out the document.

  For effective online written communication, both the reader and the writer must interact and relay feedback to each other to assess the response.  Finally, increased care must be taken to ensure safety of the written information especially with the online system.



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