WSJ – Weaker Euro Takes a Toll on Sony’s Bottom Line

The main currencies that affect the sales of Sony’s products are dollar and Euros. The net profit of Sony is always calculated periodically with the settings put on Quarterly basis. This is the best strategy to use for a multi national firm like Sony since its sales are affected by events in the dynamic world market. When the world economy is stable then chances of making profit are large for this company.The year ending March 2009 has profit forecast of 150 billion yen as revealed by the chief finance officer. This value is only easy to attain when the Japanese yen remains high so that it will not suffer fluctuations.

A strong currency in the country is a drawback to exporters because the same amount of money has low value in the external market. This was the comment of Mr. Oneda after realizing that yen had risen to 26% against Euro and 10% against the dollar.Buying raw materials from favorable markets is one way of retaining profits for a company. This strategy was used by Sony through the sales of liquid crystal display from Taiwan using the dollar currency. Change of company leadership is another factor that gives the company a direction either towards prosperity of doom. Success was realized when Howard stringer was appointed leader of Sony.

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