X-ray technicians in health care management

Medicine or any related course to it, have one of the most promising careers as far as the future outlooks and stability go and if you are a lover of medicine, careers like the x-ray technicians, radiologists, and others are what you are likely to encounter when it comes to choosing the course that you will practice.

This job requires one to be honest, ethical, dependable, reliable and above all responsible when fulfilling your obligations. To perform well as an x-ray technician, one must be available as you may be called in to assist with a short notice and you must be able to avail yourself within a little time.This profession uses machines that if not handled careful may be of great danger to the person operating the machine as it uses ionizing radiation, which is potentially harmful to the living cells and practitioners’ associated with an x-ray technology are instructed on appropriate ways to protect themselves as well as a patient in the most appropriate and safe ways with as little radiation exposure as possible and this is achieved by keeping radiation to minimum amount as well as using lead sheets and other blocking devices.Even though the job is welling paying but there are graver challenges that the practitioners’ undergo which put their lives at a greater risk. Have you ever asked yourself why is it that the technician operates the machine while he/she is out of the room? Definitely it’s because of the high energy radiation the harmful effects which include biological radiation effects. These radiation effects can be destructive to all living tissues and causes DNA damage and mutations. If DNA damage occurs it further leads to conditions like senescence that is an irreversible state of dormancy, cell suicide which is also referred to as apoptosis and unregulated cell division which automatically leads to cancerous tumor.

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Pregnant ladies who happen to be technicians are advised to keep away from the machine as it has bad effects on pregnancy and the childbirth as the birth defects can deform the body of the infant and could be fatal to his life. Birth defects are also known as congenital disorders which are abnormalities of structure or function that exist at birth. X-ray harms the bone marrow leading to development of blood diseases, causes baldness that is loss of hair on the head which can be partial or complete hence affecting the scalp and worst of all causes the development of cancer, invisible spectrum and thyroid cancer also known as endocrine gland which affects all vertebrate animals.These x-ray machines even though they provide employment opportunities, one must be very careful when handling them so as to avoid being affected by diseases that one never anticipated to have. There is nothing as having a retarded growth as the radiation will have tempered with your cells. Others find it hard to hard to stand for a long time and this is one of the basic requirement to become an x-ray technician.

There chance of yielding are minimal compared to others due to their body is exposed to excess radiations which temper with the cells of a human being. It is evident that these signs have been seen to affect those working as x-ray technicians and little has been done to curb this problem.ReferencesTuckhan J.

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