Xbis 219 Wk 8 Day 5 Web 2.0

Berners-LeeI would describe Web 2.

0 as the second generation of the Web (World Wide Web) that deals with more interacting among users than Web 1. 0. Web 2. 0 emphasizes the interaction of users by networking, blogging, and tagging, just to name a few features. Basically, Web 2.

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0 is the present-day World Wide Web that we use everyday. The advantages of Web 2. 0 is that more individuals are interacting, anywhere and anytime, at any place in the world. This allows for more interactions among different companies in different parts of the world, such as B2B commerce over the Internet.Another advantage to Web 2. 0 is that businesses can gain a lot of information from the users.

Such information could be the blogs from users that give feedback to the company or business. Disadvantages to Web 2. 0 could be that of Wiki’s; users can change information that had been posted to the Wiki.

This information could be false or misleading. Web 2. 0 has influenced how businesses gain feedback from users. This feedback could be gained by blogs from users. Web 2.

0 has also allowed users to interact and use the website, such as communicating with a live employee of a business.Another way Web 2. 0 has impacted business is by using RSS feeds for blogs, wiki’s, or even for employment in and outside the business (inside: interacting among co-workers, outside: employment opportunities being advertised). Web 2. 0 has also allowed for expanded and more effective marketing to users and other businesses.

Web 2. 0 expanded marketing because it uses the Internet to connect to more individuals in more places; more effective marketing occurs by gaining feedback from users and finding out what works or a business and what does not.



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