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Last updated: March 30, 2019

Xcelsius creating engaging and interactive dashboards is business information technology management software that is used in the business management process. It involves the creation of engaging and insightful connected dashboards that is used by users at various levels. The Xcelsius Engage works with the Xcelsius engage server that is an additive feature for automatic generation of web services. Xcelsius models can then incorporate various live data from a broad array of data sources. The Xcelsius Engage has been used towards offering enterprises live connection to business objective and solutions.

The main purpose of the Xcelsius technology is to offer vital information communication, which comes in a more effective manner that can elsewhere persuade the scope of audience with a complexity of insight into business data.( http://www.flynetviewer.com/Products/Crystal-Xcelsius/7.aspx)Generally, the Xcelsius Engage technology came as an important business solution through a number of ways. Firstly, it can be used in the consolidation process of multiple reports within a single set of dashboard. Elsewhere, it has been used towards deploying and developing help to solve business problems fast.

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Additionally, this technology is useful in providing an insight into the real-time business performance. It is also useful in creating models towards “what –if” models for solving Crystals reports.Consequently therefore, Xcelsius Engage has therefore been an efficient tool towards creating live dashboards for their business purposes.

In the dashboard Demos process, various models of the Xcelsius 2008 work together with different web services. The products for Xcelsius engaging and interactive dashboards are broad with each   solving a different purpose. They are business report process tools that ensure information connectivity between users and corporations.

Generally, Xcelsius 2008 comes as the first and the only customizable and dynamic software for data visualization which has the capacity of enabling different skilled users in creating   insightful as well as engaging dashboards that comes from any   source of data and has an ease of point-and-click. Xcelsius 2008 therefore offers a broad set of new comprehensive features as well as integrations with Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.0 and the Crystal Reports 2008. These tools make it ease in  providing an environment towards which relevant business information can be disseminated to different users. (http://www.filetransit.com/view.

php?id=26514)Projected world sales modelThe Xcelsius 2008 sample downloads and Demos come in various scopes. Firstly, the projected world sales model is a visual and interactive model that gives corporate executives on marketing the chance of making business forecast about annual as well as marketing expenses in exploring different world regions. It seeks to model and project appropriately the various scopes of growth in corporate sales in different regions of the worlds. From the implication of the models, such executives can then analyze the sales result for the different world regions. This is done by establishing a coherent 5-years period comparison about a corporation’s two biggest competitors in terms of the sales margins. Consequently, such corporations would then develop the most appropriate methods of business performance and play model that provides them with comparatives advantages to its competitors.( http://www.

businessobjects.com/product/catalog/xcelsius/)Competitive Comparison DashboardThis is a dashboard system that helps in the performance of competitive analysis of a corporation on the three areas of concern. These are the cost structure, the corporate trends in growth and corporate markets share. Consequently, each of the three items is analyzed on a comparative basis to the state of the corporate income statement. It helps to enable a corporation to analyzing its market share in relation to its competitors.

From the comparative portfolio got out, it can therefore perform a subject ad hoc analysis that helps to visualize its growth trends in relation to business industry and other competitors. The corporation can then choose to change its modalities towards developing more lucrative business performance and excellence models that given it a strong state of market competition to the other corporations.( http://www.businessobjects.com/product/catalog/xcelsius/)Sales Visual ModelThis is a designed tool for the corporate sales department where the sales management team is provided with a management tool for its work. Since the business sales center is an implicitly important center for monitoring, the sales visual model was developed to offer a refuge towards its objectivity. It seeks to visualize and analysis the present, past and the future state of   corporate sales.

It usually incorporates the present and the past level of sales into a model from the corporate financial system. Consequently, it develops potential sales forecast models that give a projection into the future level of corporate sales. From the results of the model, sales centers can then waste less time and other business resources towards building a prospective sales schedules and patterns. A plan into the sales activity can then be provided for the most optimal scale of corporate sales.  The nature of the business sales management is the managed towards providing pursuit for the most optimal sales level.

Usually, the sales visual model is a model that is aimed at monitoring and evaluating the level and scope of corporate sales in relation to its goals and objectives. (http://www.businessobjects.com/product/catalog/xcelsius/)


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