Xcelsius III

Crystal Xcelsius engage systems provide data visualization systems and tools through which business data that occur is complex autonomies are provided as visual information. The Xcelsius 2008 is important in making data presentations as well dashboards that that are aimed at creating an improvement in workflow, data integration and connectivity, customization and data design. Xcelsius technology is a complex phenomenon that comprehends integration of various aspects such as selectors, visual alerts and the embedding image files. (http://resources.businessobjects.com/support/cx/samples/learning/hottopics/backgrounds_intro.

asp)SelectorsSelectors are perhaps the most important components in the Xcelsius technology. They help one to create model that have selections of multiple data. When a selector is combined with another functional component e.g. a chart, the final result would then be dynamic and powerful data that could be elegant as well as easy in its creation. Selections occur in different varieties, which include. (http://resources.businessobjects.

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com/support/cx/samples/learning/hottopics/backgrounds_intro.asp)(I)Check box.This is a simple form of a selector making of a value function. It consists of two positions which are unchecked and checked.

A value is inserted on the targeted cell when the   check box is adequately checked. Elsewhere, when this checkbox is unchecked a different character of value is inserted. The creator designs the definition of the different values during the model creation.(II)List BoxThis is a form of selector, which gives the chance of making only one level of selection at every chance between different possible selections. This can be configured for selections through a mouse click. The user is supposed to make only one set of selection at a time from the list of such many selections before him/her.

(III)Play selectionThis is a unique component which is used for inserting series of columns and rows into a range of targets. It is most appropriate when creating a model system for displaying large content of data or even in the creation of movie effect. When a corporation shows a huge range of products, it can use Radio button, List Box or Combo Box in displaying the different products. This can be an accompanied by a chart to show different variables like corporate revenues over last periods. The play selector is used for running corporate products one by one and displayed like a movie in which one goes forward and backward or even stop presentation upon his/her wish. It is configured with various basic function tools such as playtime, rewind buttons, pause, etc.

(IV)FilterIt is a mode of selector enabling   one in taking large data components that are arranged in different rows and consequently presenting it in a form of user-friendly manner. Elsewhere, it would help the user in creating models that occur in a drilled down navigation system which would use two or even more combo boxes that are interrelated. It involves linking a filter component with such an excel file that consequently gives chance for the functioning of the tool.

 Visual AlertsThey are used in calling the user’s attention towards a specific action or an item which has arrived at pre-established state or limits. Such limits are universally called benchmarks, targets or budgets. It is widely used in applications for business intelligence. Through Xcelsius, alerts are provided using components of single value or charts. When the components have their own alerts enabled, it will depict different status of current levels into their alerts through providing different color display thus giving the different levels of alerts. Visual alerts occur in a wide range of phenomena which includes; (http://resources.businessobjects.

com/support/cx/samples/learning/hottopics/backgrounds_intro.asp)(I) Single values:Single values alert is a function /system that is applied to components of a single value. Single value activity/components involve a specific area of attribute within a corporation which can include inventory balances, revenues, cost of goods sold etc.(II) ChartsThis involves the use of charts to provide component variables for the comparison of different corporate activities. Different charts would give different alerts on different components and would provide alerts when specific limits and targets a reached.

(III) MapThis is a visual alert system which compares a state name or a corporate department within a specific value of targets. Different departments depict different targets. When one target is arrived at, an alert is responded out to signify that its limit or target level is arrived at. Significantly, a target department or a corporate constituency will receive an alert when a certain limit /target are arrived at.Embedding image filesUsually, the background components in crystal Xcelsius are used in providing customization ways for data presentations.

Such components can then be used “as-is” for the quick addition of visual for engaging background models for your visuals. Elsewhere, they can be used in importing external images (JPGs) above that of flash movies (SWFs). One can customize his own backgrounds. (http://resources.businessobjects.

com/support/cx/samples/learning/hottopics/backgrounds_intro.asp)BackgroundsThey represent sets of built artwork with which models can be added for assisting design improvement and layout. They are choices for creating visually stimulating and cohesive models in an easy and quick manner. Generally, backgrounds have the aspect of sizing, which allow them in maintaining effects as well as preserving their state of visual integrity within any level of size.

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