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Last updated: February 13, 2019

Xcelsius 2008 came as customizable and dynamic software for data visualization that can enable different skilled users in creating engaging and insightful dashboards from a broad compound of data sources. These dashboards can be manipulated with ease of a mere point click.

It has many features that are integrated with both BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.0 and Crystal Reports 2008. Intelligent information can therefore be adequately handled by various corporate users.Crystal Reports 2008This is a dynamic, powerful and actionable solution for reporting which helps in designing, visualizing, delivering and exploring reports across the web or embedded within the applications of an enterprise. This is a tool that helps the users in report consumptions with good visualizations, conducting business report modeling as well as creating instant decisions from such reports. (http://www.businessobjects.

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com/product/catalog/xcelsius/demos.asp)Benefits for use of Crystal Reports 2008Adequately priced model of professional reportingDeveloping powerful system of data integrationTime saving on designing valuable reports.Creates good reports that have stunning visualizationsEmpowering interactive application of reports by the end usersEnjoying deplorable report optionsBusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.

0This came as the most scalable and flexible tool for business intelligence which provides ease to everyone in discovering and sharing insights towards optimal making of corporate decisions. It is built on an architecture that is service oriented. The tool provides an extensive platform that allows the IT departments within an organization in extending the applicability of business intelligence in the various business processes.

Benefits.The BusinessObjects Enterprise XI is the tool that confers all the persons within an organization the ability of cohesive interaction with one another. This is guided by personal confidence across all the different corporate persons. Consequently, the product serves to: -Enabling proactive participation of IT in leading towards business changes through the provision of the most adequate business intelligence tools.Extending the insight from business intelligence to all the people within an organizationCohesive facilitation of integration with the existing state of IT infrastructure which should be through access of data sources and then aggregating the set of all business intelligence into one single system.

Xcelsius 2008 DemosThe Xcelsius 2008 technology occurs in a set of various interactive, visual models and dashboards that provide customizable and dynamic software for data visualization. This comes in various demos and dashboards that make the interactive process in business suits and process to been adequate and optimal. These are:-Standard Income Statement.It is an interactive business visual model that gives a new method through which income statements can be presented. Consequently, the user would select a certain regions within a map which therefore displays the levels of net income and profit and loss account across the last six business quarters and the corresponding level of the financial target. A different color is used for representing each different region. Elsewhere, a display in terms of years and months is provided for all accounts.

Organizations therefore evaluate the level of their financial statements for their region by evaluating what is depicted by the standard income statement. (http://www.businessobjects.

com/product/catalog/xcelsius/demos.asp)Portable Interactive Visual Model.It is a one page showcase of analysis that drilldown to offer the potentiality with which corporate executives can then monitor different metric results depicted across different organizational levels.

Through this demo, different set of corporate metrics are displayed in terms of different groupings, divisions and departments. Consequently, the results of such metric display are given in terms of gauges and charts that highlight such different classic metrics. Corporate executives can therefore analyze the metric variables that define the objectives of different corporate departments and groups. This is important in their corporate management process.Profitability AnalysisIt is a model built towards evaluating the profitability scenario in the level of corporate profits.

It is used in creating scenarios of “what if” which should be through modification of the growth rate of corporate sales. Elsewhere, it seeks to modify various accounts related to the measurement of the percentage levels of corporate total sales level. It involves a build up of fictitious data with which the levels of profits and loss accounts can adequately be depicted which consequently shows the levels of net income changes. The tool allows immediate changes into the levels of profits and therefore suitable for adjustments of corporate financial decisions. (http://www.businessobjects.com/product/catalog/xcelsius/demos.asp) 


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