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Last updated: March 24, 2019

The initiative to improve and develop has always been used by man as an instrument to cultivate their objectives and aspirations in life. These are used as motivations to continuously conquer all obstacles and hurdles that may come along. Also, these endeavors are an integral part in achieving the skills and competence needed to become competitive and a determinant for success. With all of these, I feel the need to express my interest in applying at Yale School of Drama and specialize in Stage Management to further boost my expertise in the Arts.

Ever since I was a child, I had been introduced to the wonderful world of drama. Looking back, the endeavor was stimulated when I was involved in a Middle School production of ‘Fiddler of the Roof’. Due to such experience, I was able to be part of other 12 school productions and musicals which gave me an in-depth familiarity in the realm of acting. With the encouragement of my family, I used these events as I coursed through college.My undergraduate study in North Carolina Pembroke has given me the theoretical and skills I need to comprehend the numerous facets surrounding my field. It widened my horizons and delved into different areas as Stage Management, poster design, acting in straight plays. However, I still feel the need to improve myself as I seek to draw inspiration and encouragement by seeing people feel contented and happy about my work.

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By pursuing a Masters degree at Yale University, I can maximize my further supplement my talents at the stage and use new approaches and theories towards my advantage. Though the task entails numerous challenges and takes a considerable amount of commitment on my part, stage management continues to excite me due to the numerous opportunities to develop my organizational competence.  Moreover, I feel the need to show to others how valuable the responsibility of a stage manager is.

It is a profession that is often times overlooked and is under appreciated. However, the tasks involved in it are rigorous and needs a strong willed and dedicated person.With all of these mentioned, I do hope that the admissions committee considers my application. I chose Yale University because I firmly believe that it has an extensive and competitive program that will enable me to grow as a stage manager. Moreover, it is a vital stepping stone as I pursue my profession.

In the end, I can use all the things I had learned to provide a better appreciation of the Arts. My name is Joseph Mark Sarno; a dedicated and enthusiastic individual ready to take the lead and make a difference.


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