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The summary of Yellow Earth: Hesitant Apprenticeship and Bitter Agency Qiyang Tan In Yellow Earth: Hesitant Apprenticeship and Bitter Agency written by Helen, the writer tells the readers about the background of the story happened in Yellow Earth, and the conflicts between Mao’s politic project target and the old culture in yellow earth. At the beginning of the article, Helen describes the significance of Yellow Earth. This movie leads a hot debate about Chinese traditional culture.Some critics from West pay more attentions to the film’s figurative aspects. They analyses the sounds, shots and other technologies used in the movie.

Some of them even use Daoist to interpret some scenes. Then, the writer declares the significance of Gu Qing——a propagator of Mao’s thought. She also tells that the traditional cultures in yellow earth are pitched against the ideological rigidity of the Maoist project.

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She cites the example that when Gu Qing live in a peasant’s house, his agency disappears.Gu Qing finds that there is so big difference between Mao’s thought and the traditional culture in yellow earth. The author also tells that to make this film, the director Chen Kaige spends most of his time in the yellow earth to understand the old culture there. Meanwhile, because of Chen’s experiences in the countryside as a sent-down youth, he really knows what the peasant wants. As a result, he could add his own emotion into this film.

Next, Helen begins to tell the story in Yellow Earth. She indicates several times about the mass line.Gu Qing’s mission is to “create a new national culture by ‘assimilating’ the ‘democratic essence’ of the culture of the region, as well as to foster the ‘mass line’ through cultural workers’ efforts to ‘unite with and lead’ the peasants”(193). However, during the process, what Gu learns disproves his fundamental assumptions of enterprise. When Gu collects the folk songs from the peasant, he finds that there are huge differences. The peasant sings the song due to the difficult in the life.

He thinks it is just bitter tunes.And Cuiqiao’s songs question the relation between consciousness and agency. The author also compares the two scenes. One is about the escape of Cui Qiao, and the other is about rain dance. The author analysis the scenes about the shots used. At last, the writer describes about the respect.

The old people in the yellow earth respect the nature there. They don’t want to change the old tradition. However, Cuiqiao and Han Han who are the young people want to change this situation.

The director sets the suspense by using ambiguous end to make the audience themselves think what happens next.


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