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Last updated: March 24, 2019

The case “The YMCA of London, Ontario” by Glenn Rowe discusses Shaun Elliott’s last senior management planning session. The central argument of the case is that Elliott has managed to lead YMCA of London from deficit to surplus or, in other words, he has assisted the company in surviving in the market. Before Elliott’s management we see that the company faced serious challenges created by difficult business models and dynamics and, therefore, the company was not able to overcome deficit problem.Actually, YMCA of London had problems with resource allocations, organizational focus, communication, and organizational expertise.

Those challenges were the result of multi-service approach and he recommended changing approach to managing services, to diversify them and to focus on their improvements. Rowe writes that Elliott was thinking how “to manage association as a whole while appropriately nurturing each of the core service areas”. (C-148) However, the primary problem was with lack of skillful senior managers.Elliott said he felt he was the core of the whole association as other people were either willing to work or they lacked experience how to lead the company out of deficit. Elliot searched for partnering opportunities; in particular he tried to establish business relations with eternal organizations and focused on developing relations through the final agreement.

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Moreover, he argued that YMCA of London had to concentrate on higher level strategic issues as they affect the whole organization.It is a matter of fact that Elliott’s example can be applied to real-world business situations as there are many organization which fail to overcome deficit, to find skillful managers and to work with strategic issues. Elliott shows that management and strategy are the cores of success and every company should determine what the best for them, to consider business models and to provide proper management of each service area. Finally, changes are necessary for increasing management capacity. 


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