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Ahimsa means nonviolence in thought, word, and behavior at any time, in any situation, and to any living creature. Ahimsa (nonviolence) is one of the eight limbs of yoga.

Everyone knows that rule, but it is difficult to practice it. We can control ourselves to behave properly and speak politely, but it is very difficult to control our thoughts. Since no one knows what we are thinking, many people act like angels, but think evil. We always have bad thoughts towards other people. For example, when we are practicing yoga, some students continue to move up and down, even though everyone knows that yoga requires high concentration. Such disturbances prevent us from concentrating on yoga.I understand that some people may attempt to erase the benefits we get from yoga, but all we have to do is to remain positive. Before facing negative or difficult situations, I sometimes think that the world is unfair; that God does not like me.

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However, through practice I have come to understand the reasons and the effects associated with these negative feelings. If you understand that “everything happens casually” then it becomes very easy to think and remain positive even in the face of difficult challenges.The ReviewHis name, Krishna Das, means servant of God. The name was given to him by his guru in India in 1972. KD is a very positive person. He likes a candle of the water, lighting up the world, and providing light for people who are lost in the shadow. He really understands what happiness is (

We don’t need to mind when we are facing difficult challenges. We should understand that we cannot escape such challenges in life. These difficulties are a cycle we have to go through. Even though we may have the capacity and power to confront the difficulties before us, we should not forget that there are many more difficulties awaiting us. We have to always reminding ourselves that we will become stronger after we solve the problem. Also we are not alone; we always live in love. If you move into love, everything will be okay, even if it is painful.

It is because suffering will not last forever.What is yoga? What does it mean to you? (Beginning)In the beginning yoga is viewed as a simple form of physical exercise for relaxing the body and increasing the flexibility of the body’s muscles. During this time, the benefits of exercise may not even be clear.What is yoga? What does it mean to you? (End)After practicing yoga for some time it helps one to build high concentration, relax the spirit, build up positive thought, learn how to slow down and settle down the thoughts and the body, and gives one an opportunity to discover and communicate with one’s spirit. These benefits are very important in solving everyday problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

After I took the first class of yoga, I felt pain in my stomach. Before I took the class, I thought that yoga was not really to request the power of the body; that it was just total relaxation, but I was wrong because yoga needs good strength of body since progress is relatively slow. Slow exercise is good for building the muscles. My body becomes more flexible than before.

I am happy that I have some little muscle in the belly because of practicing yoga. Also, I appreciate that I started to enjoy the stress. I know after the stress or finished the hard work I can get a little reward, such as Shavasana.What has been the most challenging part of the class for you?My body has not always been flexible. In high school, I always failed the test of body flexibility in the physical exercise class. However, after I tried doing all the posture exercises requested, the flexibility of my body has improved a lot.

Although an hour lesson is not long, I started to feel tired after we practiced half of the lesson. I always want to give up and do the child post (My favorite posture). I know it is a good time to build up the strength of the body and muscle. I force myself to do it. Concentrated in the pose, and breathe; so I can forget the tiredness.

What has been the most meaningful part of the class for you?I started to force and feel my breath, not only the class. Most people don’t feel their breath, because it is a natural thing. Since it is natural, we don’t care about it. Breathing is the first thing we do after we are born, also breathing is the last thing we do before the last moment of our life. We breathe every day, every minute, every second. Unfortunately, we only realize that we are breathing when we smell some tastes. At the first class, I always forgot to breathe.

I always hold the air. I always forgot inhale and exhale. It trained me to listen and follow the instructor’s direction. I started to enjoy the breath. Again, knowing the true values of the ethical principle of ahimsa has enabled me to enjoy a sense of unity and harmony in my life.Work CitedDas, Krishna, Heart Reign: The Ascension of Krishna Das, La Yoga; 


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