The ancient Indian discipline of Yoga is meant to transform your existence by releasing certain energies that are dormant in our bodies; this is something that I learned first hand this term. The Yoga class that I participated in was really refreshing and helped create a unity between my mind and body that I had not enjoyed prior to it.

The feeling of calm that followed the exercises was borne out of the release of positive energy; an event that is central to the philosophy of the discipline.The two basic tools that Yoga uses to bring about this change are breathing exercises and body formations which are known as asanas. What fascinated me most was that these simple exercises were so effective in creating positive feelings within me and very calm state. The performance of the body formations created a lot of joy and good feeling. I liked how I felt while doing the move called ‘mountain’ and ‘cat stretch’. I could feel something flowing from my head to my toes when I did them.

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There were also other body formations that were very effective. The ‘cobra’ formation, along with ‘plane’ and ‘butterfly’ helped me calm my senses and enjoy the harmony between my body and mind. The kind of happiness that I felt while performing the exercises was different from what I had experienced before. Each move created a wave of joy and positive feelings.

Judging from what I experienced in the class, learning this discipline must have a lot of benefits, both mental and physical. I am looking forward to learning more about Yoga in the future and freeing these energies more often. 

Author: Janice Boyd


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