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Last updated: March 27, 2019

The whole world little by little is becoming more aware of the new environmental trend besetting not only the humanity but more alarmingly the entire planet. Global warming is not a product of human imagination! It exists and its existence threatens each and every human person.

The United Nations scientific panel, as cited in the New York Times, declared that the evidence of warming is ‘unequivocal’ and that human activity is most likely the impetus which contributed greatly to this environmental crisis. Global warming is a global problem. We are part of the problem but more importantly we are the solution!A revolution of the mind is the foremost thing that we can do to combat this frightening and disturbing phenomenon. We as individuals have to be environmental conscious in all our actions.

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In fact, simple conservation of electricity, planting trees, practicing the 3Rs in waste collection and segregation and the likes could possibly begin the ripple of change to turn into a big Save the Earth global campaign. We can do something! Practice what we call green lifestyle, influence other people, and while the horizon seems unending, with collaborative spirit, we can redeem the dying nature, our home, our surrender!At the end of the day, we have to immerse ourselves in the eye-openers around us: glaciers are melting, the weather is changing, rivers are drying, people are dying AND embrace the realization and the action that we can still do something. Act now, before it is too late!ReferencesInternetGlobal Warming. An article in New York Times online. Retrieved: 7 December 2008 (URL:


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