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Last updated: March 21, 2019

Change is one of the biggest fears of people. This is because they do not like the feelings that it can bring, which are the feelings of loss or being uncomfortable of the newness of the environment. However, this attitude can become a major setback in a company’s growth and progress because this would make people reject new ideas for the company. As such, it is important for people to understand and accept that change is good, especially nowadays wherein companies need to keep up with the latest innovations to retain their customers and number of sales.The 10 rules of the change insurgent were very interesting because these were feasible if people only took chances and accept changes that easily. These were practical recommendations as to how companies can adapt to changes. The rule that stood out the most was number six, which was to hold change resisters’ hands.

Personally, this rule is the most important because before everything can be done, managers and company owners need to let their employees know and understand what needs to be done and why it should be done. They need to be briefed about what is going to happen to the company. Although this may seem “babyish” at some point, introducing them to the changes will lessen their surprise and the possibility of rejection because they will have the chance to understand what the change is all about.One example in this situation is when a company hires a new manager or supervisor from outside the company. Because the person’s skills and capabilities are not known to the employees, there might be some sort of resistance when the new manager or supervisor makes changes to the company. They might think that this newly hired person is not able to do the job properly because he or she is not aware of how the company operates.

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This is where rule number six should come in. Before anything else, the company should brief its employees that a new manager or supervisor will be hired. It should be explained as to why it was necessary for them to hire outside of the company and not use internal resources. The company should also explain why this particular person was hired and what good his or her hiring will bring to the company. These things will make it easier for the employees to accept the change and the future changes that the hired person will bring.

It is better if the companies will remind the employees that the person was hired to bring in better revenues for the company so that this move will be better appreciated.Another example is when a company decides to venture out in other areas in order to perform better but with less cost, which can be seen in outsourcing. Some people may not understand this because they think that the company will only waste its money on such service because there are people within the company who are able to do the work. However, they do not see the reasons why the company found the need to outsource, and this is what should be explained to them. While the company do not have the responsibility to explain why it does what it does, this will make employees accept the change better.At this time, change is the only thing that can make companies survive in the tough world of business. They need to keep up with the times, which is modern and very fast-paced.

If they refuse to do so, they might lose their customers and revenues to their competitors who are able to cater their customers’ needs better.


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